a first post (what i intend and where i come from)

Welcome to a not-at-all anticipated and highly specialized WAR blog. In case you hadn’t guessed from the title, my goal (not only in WAR but really in my little geek-gaming life) is to be an elf and a mage at the same time. Any of you who grew up reading and loving Tolkien should understand. To that end I’ve pre-ordered the game, and – like a good beta tester – I will be reporting my experiences here (as the NDA will be lifted by the time Open Beta begins).

My MMO experience: 3 years of WoW during which I maxed out a mage, a priest, and a paladin. I was a paladin tank before it was cool: I started my career training people on how to work with a paladin tank and finished it tanking Void Reaver without losing agro. I left WoW because I found the farming-to-fun ratio was severely biased towards farming, and my hope is that the reverse will be true in WAR. WoW is to date my only “real” MMO experience. (If you count Diablo 1 and 2: the number of hours I have logged in those games is considerable…but I don’t count them.) I was pretty lethal in Unreal Tournament, back in the day. Anyway, after a lot of reading and getting excited, I have come to think of WAR as “WoW meets UT”.

RvR, public quests, Tome of Knowledge, loot that drops you can always use, have to bail out half way thru a quest and still get some kind of reward…so far everything I have really disliked about WoW has been addressed and remedied in WAR. My recommendation to you all is not to get too excited, because you don’t want to set expectations that are unrealistic. WAR might not meet them. However, I for one feel WAR is the Promised Land. Whether you agree with me or not probably won’t be relevant, as my subject matter will very often not relate to WoW at all: it will relate soley to the archmage (and how it works). I am *very* excited about WAR, and even more excited about the archmage career. If we at least agree on those terms, I bet we can get somewhere.

~ by thade on July 2, 2008.

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