What we do (and don’t) know, Part 2

More facts: The mastery paths were revealed in the recent news letter:

Path of Isha
The Path of Isha is focused on restoring health and life to the Archmage’s allies. A skilled Master of this path will be adept at weaving offensive magic in with his healing magic, greatly extending the efficiency of his beneficial spells.

Path of Asuryan
The Path of Asuryan is primarily aimed at bringing forth the destructive side of the Winds of Magic. An Archmage who specializes in this path will become adept at raining down doom upon his foes, while simultaneously manipulating the flows of arcane power to fuel his healing magic as well.

Path of Vaul
The Path of Vaul is a subtle Mastery that focuses on both crippling the Archmage’s enemies, and strengthening his allies. The specialist in this Mastery relies on cunning effects to lead his foes to an inevitable doom which they won’t even realize is approaching until it’s too late.

More speculation: I could’ve called a path for healing focus and a path for damage focus. The third path (Vaul) I’m not clear on: does it refer to damage over time spells (DoTs), or debuffs, or both? Or something different?

Personally, I have never minded being a full-time healer: that is a very appealing facet of the archmage for me. In WoW however, as a holy priest, it was an exercise in patience and pain to try and fight anybody or anything one-on-one. Sure, I could outlive you…hours later I might even kill you. I wonder what the balance will be like in WAR. They say that the archmage’s easy-target is a tank, the archmage’s undoing is a melee dps toon, and we’re even vs everyone else (source link.). I wonder where the benchmark lies? Will it take skill to meet this level of balance, or will skill allow you to surpass it? (To be able to deal effectively with melee dps, even if it is a lot of trouble, would be nice.)

Speculation: An interesting idea for balance occurred to me…when you are inflicting dmg (and I mean, real dmg, not piddly healer dmg), you are not healing, and vice versa. When you’re healing,  you’re not dealing damage. Given the difficulty of essentially splitting your efforts between two roles, perhaps the literal math-cut needn’t be so drastic as “half healer/half hurter”. I wonder if they see things in that light? I wonder if “hurter” is realy a word? (Opera’s spell check and wordpress’s editting area don’t get along, so I’m spelling things old school here.)

Homework: I’m sure anyone reading this has done so already, but if you haven’t yet, the Warhammer articles on Wikipedia (link) are quite good. Got me all caught up on the story so I know what we’re fighting for. In particular, each of the racial links leads to your traditional lunchbreak full of backstory reading. Enjoy =)

EDIT: I censored myself. @_@

~ by thade on July 3, 2008.

One Response to “What we do (and don’t) know, Part 2”

  1. Ironically, after I had written this (but before I’d published it) someone on the forums had asked that I consider doing a write up about archmage lore. That hadn’t been my intention at first (in fact, I planned on sticking to gameplay stuff), but with 4-8 weeks until I get a real toon to play with…yes, I will look into a lore summary. ;)

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