Posts editted/removed

I was asked by a moderator at’s forums (link.) to remove a number of links that were in violation of the NDA (specifically the leaked youtube videos). Hopefully they (and anyone else who was offended) can forgive me as I have now removed these links.

It is not an excuse, but an explanation, that I am not in the beta and thus not under the constraint of an NDA. As I had cast myself in the role of a “reporter” here, I had shared what I had found. It was wrong to support the people who had broken the NDA, though, and for doing so – even briefly – I am sorry. I’m going to be a lot more selective of what I put up from now on. <3 For those of you who enjoyed the videos, sorry. For those of you who did not enjoy the videos, I am also sorry.

Hopefully we can still all be friends. @_@

EDIT: This news almost eased the hurt for me, link. Mark Jacobs says (or implies) that the NDA should be short-lived now.


~ by thade on July 4, 2008.

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