Baltimore Games Day Q&A with Jeff and Josh from last week.

It’s old news, I know, but I only just saw it. In the event you didn’t, it’s all quite good, but in particular *this one* talks about healers (right at the start). (You can d/l it *here* if you have trouble playing it in a browser like I sometimes do.) You can watch the whole shebang here, *link*.

“One of the directives that Mark Jacobs gave us…from the very beginning was…he never ever ever wanted there to be a situation, under any circumstances, where any character was completely ineffective as a damage-dealing character. So that means that there is no way in our game that you can spec yourself to be ‘pure healer’.”

“Healers in our game are some of the most powerful characters, by far I would say. Not because they kill enemy players so well, but because they’re so versatile.”

Today I’ve run across a large chunk of information which has addressed many of my fears about my chosen class. I won’t be helpless; I will be able to deal damage…in fact I will need to in order to fully exploit my true healing potential. Also I have a number of abilities to use to defend myself if I come under direct fire. Very good signs. =)


~ by thade on July 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Baltimore Games Day Q&A with Jeff and Josh from last week.”

  1. I think the fun meter for healers will even surpass WoW. I love the fact of being a healer that has to do hand to hand combat

  2. I’m with you there, man. I really enjoyed the healing game in WoW, especially late game when there was much more to it than spamming a single button. Now we have a split role and a vast array of abilities.

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