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From: *this post*, which I recommend you read (though only bits of it are about the archmage). The gentlemen that wrote it went to Origins 2008 in Ohio, bore witness to a Warhammer demo, and got to try the game out. I’ll summarize those parts for you, since they made me happy. =)


Every mastery path seems to follow the same structure:

3 – Tactic
5 – Ability
7 – Tactic
9 – Ability
11 – Tactic
13 – Ability
15 – Rank 4 Morale

According to the mastery training window, mastery points are used to both increase your mastery level and to train mastery abilities. Reaching a certain level in a mastery path does not immediately grant access to that ability or tactic – a further point must be spent. Robert Mull mentioned that the system is always being tweaked.

As a side benefit of working towards the unique mastery abilities, many core abilities are enhanced by your mastery path specialization. These skills can be identified by either their tooltip or the training window.

If I understand it correctly, the numbers in the quote reflect the number of points needed in the mastery for what it’s listed beside.

Archmage skill bar!


With every spell the Archmage casts, he or she conserves some arcane energy for use down the road. This mechanic is known as High Magic, and it rewards the Archmage for switching to and from offense and defense. Nearly every Archmage offensive spell builds one point of Damage High Magic per cast, with a potential maximum of five points built up at any one time. Whenever a point of Damage High Magic is built up, all of the Archmage’s healing skills start to burn on the ability bar (see below). When the Archmage finally uses one of those healing skills, they receive some kind of added effect to that skill, however it consumes all of their Damage High Magic.

For example, long cast time heals would have their cast time reduced based off of how many Damage High Magic points were built up. 1 point would make the heal cast slightly faster – 5 points made the heal instantly cast. Instant heals had their effectiveness increased based upon how many Damage High Magic points were consumed.

The High Magic mechanic also worked in reverse – any time a healing spell was cast, a point of Healing High Magic was built up. Damage spells would begin to burn on the ability hotbar and again their cast times would be sped up or their damage made more potent based off of how many Healing High Magic Points were consumed.

High Magic points seemed to evaporate over time if they went unused, however not too quickly. An effective strategy I noticed was to cast instant Lambent Aura on myself and/or my groupmates prior to a fight in order to build up Healing High Magic. By doing so, I started the next fight off with a lingering HOT effect and an instant nuke, which was a very nice advantage.

So the we and the shaman are kin, though in game we’d never admit it. Here is another interesting tidbit:

Action Points (AP) are the standard fuel for most abilities in Warhammer Online. Unlike WOW’s mana pools or DAOC’s power bars, AP regenerates quickly – very quickly. I unfortunately did not have a stopwatch handy at Origins, but it took maybe 8 or 9 seconds to go from E to F.

So what’s the catch? How does anyone ever run out of AP? When a player is casting a spell or the GCD is in effect, AP does not regenerate. If a player is continually spamming abilities, he/she will soon run out of AP.

And here is a listing of the abilities that silex (the OP) saw during his playtime, *link*.

We get several shield-like abilities, an AOE rez spell, several HoTs, a life drain/transfer, and (via the Path of Vaul) an AoE slowing debuff. That counts as CC, so I just got served with my thinking from the last post. Nevertheless, this list (which is clearly incomplete) is very encouraging and more info then we’ve seen in a long while. =)

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  1. I think the Archmage is turning out to be a very interesting class, except personally, I’m not great playing casters. But over the past few days I’ve found myself a little more interested in it all. Passing on the info to my husband though, he adores casters (and elves).

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