Thinking about CC

CC, or “crowd control”, is an ability to control, halt, or impede a target’s ability to move or act. Stuns/sleeps and baleful polymorphs (i.e. making the target a helpless thing, like a chicken or a statue) put the target in a timeout box. “Roots” freeze their movement. “Silences” lock their ability to use actions.

I’ve seen a few threads now that ask about or ask for what form(s) of crowd control that the archmage will have. Naturally, the NDA still prevents us from being told specifics, but while speculating makes me QQ at night, it gives us all something to read during the day. I would especially encourage people to post comments now, as my thoughts aren’t the only ones that are viable (if they are at all) and I’d like to hear other thoughts. Just don’t break the NDA, cause I won’t clear comments that do.

In WoW, the DPS is granted the best, most versatile CC (e.g. hunter traps, mage sheep), ostensibly so the dps classes can CC runaway mobs to assist the tank in reclaiming agro (helping to prevent the death of one or more healers). More people with CC = more chances for someone to react in time to prevent healer-death. In a game focused mostly on PVE where chess-like strategized pulls are a way of life and a single player down can mean you lost 30 minutes of your life, I can see how that’s necessary. Word on the street is that Warhammer Online is going to be very crowd control light (citation needed), reason being that they want to encourage player collaboration.

I’m under the impression that every tank class has some form of knock-back or knockdown ability to bolster the collision detection that every player has. This collision detection is reportedly “partial” in that you could push through another player given enough time (to prevent AFK player griefing), but the final statement hasn’t been made to us yet. (My bet is on the partial.) I’ve hazarded a guess that any further CC would be on the part of the tank classes as well: it’s hard to be a tank if you can be completely ignored, so imagine a tank with an ability to root a target or make themselves “sticky” (harder to push through or something) along with the knock-backs and the knockdowns.

Consider this: if the only classes with any real CC abilities are the tanks, wouldn’t that make them more appealing to play? In WoW a tank was a very high stress position in PVE and a very lame position in PVP: necessary and not appealing to play (well, except to a precious few). In WAR a tank is just as fundamental, but needs to be so in a PVP setting. How would you do that?

Considering the amount of abilities the archmage is going to have (spells all across the healing and dps spectrum) I think CC is something which would go overboard, and would come with the cost of one or more abilities being much less potent than it otherwise would be. Or the archmage would be too game breaking. Imagine a guy that could hurt you, put the fight on hold, heal himself, then hurt you some more. Ever fight a paladin in WoW?

If you want people to feel compelled to play together, how would you do that? Well, tanks have no ranged attacks worth a damn, and they can’t heal themselves (I don’t think). What do we have here? We have interdependence. I know for a fact that my archmage will have two very potent forms of crowd control. These come in the forms of my two good gaming buddies who have both elected to play dwarven ironbreakers. My recommendation to my fellow soon-to-be archmages is to plan on spending your first days in the game befriending a tank. =)

~ by thade on July 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thinking about CC”

  1. By the way, welcome to the community! Great blog so far!

  2. Yes, for sure the most potent crowd control is a crowd of your own. ;) Always great to have friends you can count on to play with you.

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