To heal or not to heal.

It’s no longer a question. Oh, sure, in WoW you could spec your priest as Shadow or your Druid as a kitty, and you didn’t have to farm up a heal set, and you could insist that “No, I don’t heal. I don’t heal. I’m not a healer. I don’t have heals on my hotbar. I never bought them from the trainer.”

Yes, I did hear that last one before. From a real player. And I don’t think he was kidding.

Well, times have changed. At least, for us. You could roll an archmage, spec him Asuryan/Vaul, and not put your heals on your hotbar…but you would either be severely gimping your damage game, or completely wasting your high magic points.

Many damage spells you cast (not all) generate high magic points that buff heal spells. Many healing spells you cast do the reverse: they build high magic points that buff dmg spells. What we have here is sort of a magical dance, or at least a skilled tennis match. Cast a few heals. Cast a bang. Cast a few bangs, cast a heal. The buffs are not always the same though. Of the skills we’ve seen, the benefits are +% to effect or a cut on casting time. I remember reading/hearing somewhere (citation lacking, sorry) that AP discounts might be granted for high magic points as well on some spells.

It’s going to be an interesting balancing act, deciding what spells to start with, what spells to follow up with, in what order, under what circumstances…sufficiently complicated to be fun, not so complicated that you can’t do your job if you don’t get it. You can certainly be a healbot, but you will simply be wasting an aspect of yourself…as free, instant uber damage spells go unused. One nice thing the UI has is the “flames” that decorate whatever skills would benefit from whatever type of high magic you’ve got stored up. So even if you don’t get it (or don’t want to be bothered), there’s a nice hint on the UI that says “Hey, healbot; smack a button for a free fireball”. And you could do it. And it might be neat. Maybe even you, the indifferent healbot, might start unconciously weaving damage spells into your healing. Or the reverse: you dps hungry warlock-wannabes could lazily smack a free AoE heal out there, you know, between your crazy death-hungry hellstorms. Sure, your heals aren’t as good as a healbots, but they’re *free*.

Here’s a for instance: consider Lambent Aura. I know you’re a dps machine and you don’t like heals, but on your way into the fight, or even when you just want to exploit all that high magic you just stock-piled by burning some faces off, you could pop off a Lambent Aura…or two or three. Instant cast HoTs that each accrue you high magic that’s usable for your damage spells. Maybe it’s a point of magic per cast (I’m guessing that’s the case). It would a bit extreme (but still welcome in my mind) for each tick of a lambent aura healing to score us high magic. You could drop a few of those, one per second, up to five, then cut loose with a fully boosted damage spell.

One thing I’m really excited about with regards to this blog is that I will post things like “I tried these spell combos, and enjoyed the results,” and then some of you might be like “I actually tried something different, and got the same result” or “got a better result” or “got a slightly not as good result”. And together we will figure this game out. And while all the other classes are struggling because – hey – there is no witch hunter blog, and there is no bright wizard blog…but there is us. =) We are a family.

No, you can’t move in with me.

~ by thade on July 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “To heal or not to heal.”

  1. I gotta say, every time I read your blog I think “You know what, I really want to play an archmage!” :)

  2. […] Will Archmagery heal your sorry butt? You better hope so, for your sake. […]

  3. I just wanted to say…Total Respect. We Archmages really are family. Let´s keep each other safe. Godspeed!

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