Sweet Jeebus, 1100+ hits @_@

I’d be lying to you if I said, “No, I haven’t been semi-compulsively checking that fancy little graph-thing that wordpress has to show what our hits are per day/week etc.” At first I barely expected readers. I mean, with so many exceptional and established blogs, who’d read a new one? Maybe people who are 1. into archmages and 2. don’t put the ridiculous amount of hours/day I do into finding info on archmages. They might read it. How many might there be? 30 or so? They might check in every few days. Anyway, I did it because it was fun to talk about my excitement for WAR (*hint* the blog’s name).

Never would I have though I’d score this many hits in the first week. @_@

So, I’d like to thank each of you that stops by to check in on me; srsly, thank you. You’ve made this past week a very good one for me. This communinity is fantastic and I’m very excited to play the real game with each of you when the time comes.

It is my goal to keep putting stuff up that’s worth reading…but perhaps you – like me – forsee an inevitable issue. This blog is about archmages, which are under the kind but gigantic thumb of the NDA. This means that the info I can share here is strictly limited to stuff that many of us have already seen. Were I in the beta it would make no difference; we more or less need the floodgates to open for this blog to stay interesting.

I’ll do my best, in the dreaded 1-4 weeks of “eehhhhhhhn dee ay” lingering. There are still things to discuss that I haven’t covered yet. And, of course, there’s always the chance that another public demo will reveal more. We (me? I.) just have to hold on for a few teeth-gritting, “dig out another old game and install it only to play it for 15 minutes” weeks until “Hey. Open Beta.” I recommend Uplink: Hacker Elite. It’s a treat.

Hopefully you are all still around by then @_@ as all you have to go on so far is a week of me yammering about what most of you already knew.

~ by thade on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “Sweet Jeebus, 1100+ hits @_@”

  1. That’s awesome, seriously. Congrats – you definitely deserve it.

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