Four announcements

First, lets’ get the not-precisely-fun ones out of the way. These are not *bad* news. They are just not the exciting news I was hoping for. (*source*)

– Mythic has announced they’re using Punkbuster as an anti-cheat/hack tool. That’s fine. Every game needs something. The good ones you don’t notice, so I hope that’s the case with this. (Starforce is NOT a good idea.)

– Each side gets one capital city: they are dumping four out of the six, opting to release those four post-launch. At first this was very disappointing, but after reading that article, I support the decision and I’m even excited about it. Now the RvR battles will necessarily be HUGE.

– Four classes have been cut. Blackguard and Knight of the Blazing Sun (two tanks), and Hammerer and Choppa (melee dps). Archmages were not cut. @_@ *whew* Those that were just weren’t “fun to play”. Read the article <3

Andnow, the good news. =)

Guild Beta Launch is Today. That marks the beginning of a 4 week countdown (in my mind, not official) until Open Beta. I’m hoping for “early OB” launch. Considering the amount of content they just decided to drop in favor of tweak and polish, my hopes are high.

Also, don’t forget that E3 is starting up. Keep your eyes peeled for videos and photos @_@ and let me know if you see anything before I do.


~ by thade on July 11, 2008.

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