Late Night Surprise

From *link* this post:


Just some quick points and then I’m off to see a 12:01 showing of Hellboy II.

1) We are not, repeat not, going to announce a delay tomorrow. The game is not going to be shut down, Paul has not gone screaming into the woods, Jeff hasn’t found another job and a well-known politician is not talking about cutting off part of my anatomy. In the words of one of my favorite authors, who I wish was still among us, “DON’T PANIC”.

2) The announcements are not mundane.

3) The announcements will be worth reading, they are wide-ranging and frankly, some of the stuff I talk about is central to the game.

4) The name change is a wonderful thing but it wasn’t done to distance ourselves from the EA name but rather to re-establish the separate brand identity for ourselves and for the other studios within EA. This is a long-standing wish of mine and I am thrilled that it has happened. Having separate brands for EA is a win-win scenario and we are not the first EA studio to have a name change/modification.

For those who are worrying whether the sky is going to fall down tomorrow. Nah, nothing that horrible. There is a lot of really important stuff in tomorrow’s story and as always, I’m not reticent to talk about WAR warts and all.

The most humorous thing about the interview is the timing. Browncoat, you may want to begin to sharpen your pencil. :)

And as always, I’ll be around to address some things in more detail.

But again, “DON’T PANIC” and remember (1) above. :)


I highlighted the points in that statement (issued by the man with the keys to Warhammer) that stood out to me: primarily the one speaking to Browncoat. By now you have all seen not only the *post* by Browncoat that called out the Devs for being possibly too tight-lipped, but you’ve also seen multiple editorials on it taking both “sides”. (There weren’t really sides…in the end, everybody fessed up to loving the devs; the natives were restless.) Anyway, at the risk of of spoiling Mark’s stylish implication, I’m going to out and say it for my own benefit: Mark is calling out Browncoat for that *apology (last paragraph)*. The meaning there is (and here is my outrageous and baseless guess) that tomorrow the NDA is going to peel aside. @_@

Actually, I find that extremely unlikely; but I wanted to be able to say “YEAH!!! I WAS RIGHT” tomorrow bad enough that I’m willing to weather the “Thade, you are a NOOB” rebuttle that I’ve just garnered. In any event, tomorrow heralds the start of E3, so we might get lucky with some new videos or images to check out. Hold on to your hats. No matter how we cut it, tomorrow will be a fun Warhammer day.

TO TIDE YOU OVER (if, you know, you don’t sleep) look on the right side of my blog at the bottom of the links. The “War can be fun” part. The first link you should *definately* watch if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s quick and worth the moment of confusion as you try to figure out what a Mongbat is. The second link is a bit more of an investment. It’s a comedy series (each episode is like 4 min long) about a guild. And it’s a talented awkward-funny. Seriously, it’s good.

See you tomorrow!

~ by thade on July 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Late Night Surprise”

  1. Didn’t they, a loooong time ago, say guild beta would herald the NDA lift, or is that just my memory? Either way I’d love you to be right, though am worried about information overload (but I’d survive that)

  2. Sadly, I was wrong (you may all say “I told you so” or also “Thade, you are a NOOB”) about the NDA lift. What I do recall hearing from the devs was that the NDA would very likely be lifted before Open Beta, and that would mean it’ll happen during Guild Beta. Not necessarily at the start (and so far it seems that it hasn’t been lifted).

    Fingers are crossed for an early start to Open Beta…because srsly, I want me some action.

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