E3 today, and a gross digression (for which I am sorry).


EA’s Press Converence at E3 is at 3pm PST today, which means it’ll be happening this afternoon at 6pm by this blog’s clock. Looks like they tie off E3’s Monday, as the next event is a “reception” at 7pm (10pm EST) for Gears of War, which I guess is getting married or something. To Halo, I bet. I saw that coming. Did you?

Right, so this evening I hope to see a good deal of something new from the Mythic/Warhammer front within EA. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of Dawn of War 2, which I also find interesting. But more pressingly I would like to see, you know, a video with a nice lightshow starring MY FUTURE ROLE IN THE GAME where the illustrious and powerful archmage lights up some suckas. But I’ll take anything new. I’m not picky. I mean, healing looks pretty too.

I can’t believe Gears and Halo got together. One is an XBox title about shooting aliens bent on the domination of Earth and the other is an XBox title about shooting aliens bent on the domination of Earth. They have nothing in common. God. At least they’re original titles. Doom so copied them. Srsly. I can prove Doom < Halo because, I dunno. When I used to play it I didn’t pop my collar. Ok, that’s way off topic. Here is a digression to bring us home: have you ever seen this soccer commercial, *link*? Pay particular attention to the finishing move. That’s right. That’s when collar popping was cool. What am I saying? I have no idea, but while it’s lame, I will probably pop my collar and speak two of the six French words I know (and pronounce them badly) when I inevitably finish off one of those aformentioned suckas.

I know what you’re thinking, and…you’re right.


~ by thade on July 14, 2008.

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