re: Pwning Suckas and Lookin Sexy

Some new screens posted on 1up today.

*Archmage & Shadow Warrior VS Squid Herder & Marauder*

Note the staff and it’s posse of particle effects. To see nine other (non-archmage, but decent) images, head *here*. This game of “find the archmage in a picture” so far sort of reminds me of Peter Parker’s camera on auto getting really crappy (but really close) shots of Spider-Man.

As for any hope I previously had of some fun developments tonight courtesy of the EA press conference, it seems my hope was in vain…at least if *this* has any baring: Warhammer is on the floor but not being presented. There is another post (*18 page thread which is a post-by-post play-by-play of the EA presentation*) which culimates in a few pages of “WTF” as players express their displeasure at WAR not getting any more than a few single-sentence casual mentions. So we will have to wait a bit more to get anything else.

~ by thade on July 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “re: Pwning Suckas and Lookin Sexy”

  1. At least it’s a pretty screenshot!

  2. Aye. It is pretty. =)

    I cannot wait to play this class.

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