A Recruiter’s attempt.

Why roll an archmage?

If you are like me and you’ve played eighteen bazillion console games in which you, the Protagonist, wield dozens of melee weapons that you use to tear apart thousands of opponents, then when you sit down to an MMO…I’m sorry, but melee in MMOs pales in comparison. Remember the first time you took down a Baron of Hell with only a Chainsaw? Have you played God of War, or Dynasty Warriors 3 or 4? Sitting down to an MMO’s melee system is lackluster when I’ve swung my ridiculous, huge, FLAMING chained swords through fourteen clones of MYSELF at a time (they also have flaming, chained swords, of course). With crazy overdramatic music playing! AND CERTAIN DEATH STARING INTO MY SCREAMING MOUTH! WAAAAAGH!!!!!

Forget this. Anyway, platformers – for me – have the melee game down. Games in which the protagonist uses magic (and only magic) on the other hand, those are few and far between. And seldom very good. Okami kind of does it, but melee is still a big component. Even Gandalf in games uses his staff and Glamdring more often than fire and lightning. For pure magic, where can you go?

So there’s selling-point one: Magic is cool. I’m all about the fire and the lightning; the colorful, non-elemental pretty particle-based healing and harming that come from my digital finger tips. MMOs have a habit of really nailing the caster class. The archmage is a magic-user and he doesn’t do any of that melee stuff.

Selling-point two: Versatility. Magic lets you do fun stuff that other classes often lament about. Like teleporting huge distances, entirely circumventing the travel system. If any classes in WAR are going to be allowed to do something like that, it will likely  be the one class on each side that can most-safely manipulate the winds: the Archmage, for Order. (And my guess is the Chaos caster for Destruction, the Magus).

No, I haven’t heard anything about teleporting, but it’s a “utility” spell, and those kinds of spells are a lot of fun. Mind Control. Clairvoyance. And, of course, debuffs and long-range attacks. And heals. Yes. Anybody can take hit points away…but you can put them back. I have a very hard time playing a non-healing class now when a healer is available, because I’m accustomed to having a rez spell on my bar and a mess of healing spells.

Selling-point three: FX. The graphics for casters tend to be the absolute best and, as we’ve heard, for the Archmage they are the best. Healing spells are often very pretty, involving gold or green sparkles and chimey, clear ringing sounds. Not to knock the explosive and catastrophic light show that accompanies the damage you do…that is part of this appeal too. The only melee fighters anywhere that look that good are Jedi and Kratos, neither of which are rollable at launch.

Selling-point four: Everybody loves a healer. Someone dies, you rez them; save them the penalty box/corpse walk of death. I dunno. I like helping people, even in a video game. I’m just that guy. Heals make everybody happy. Well, they make everybody reasonable happy. When anybody gets on my case for “where are the heals lol” when I was doing my job, I make a point of welcoming them to my “Do not heal” list.

Selling-point five: Magic Volleyball. The casting mechanic has me very excited, personally. Its a magic tennis match that I can’t wait to try on for size. I want to learn to be dynamic with it. I cast what I need at first and work with it. How many points did that get me and where? Can I build up another high magic point? Is it ok to consistently blow 2 or 3 high magic points so I can weave my spells together? I bet it will be. I bet when shit hits the fan and I do sew renews through a war party I will get to drop massive damage on something. If you can imagine, “heal heal Boom boom Heal heal Boom Heal heal heal heal heal BOOOOOOOOOM. Sizzle.”

Summary: So, best graphical effects in the game, huge versatility, potential for fun utility spells, a really interesting mechanic, and the Tolkien-esque elf-thing. Did you know that in the table top game there used to be a spell where the Archmages could move hills around, dropping them on opponents? We won’t have that here ;) but that leaves a lot of room for other abilities.

But but but…I hate elves. Ok, check this out. Dave Matthews. Eminem. They are champions of their respective music genres. Everybody loves them, or at least respects them, because they are hip, good at what they do, original, unparalleled, and *very* often imitated. If you let that dissuade you, you are missing out on some really good music. Elves are the Dave Matthews/Eminem of the fantasy world. Fantasy was around, it was lame, then Tolkien came along – with his Elves – and created a universally accepted icon. Both Dave and Shady have really annoying and stupid fanboy/girl followings that are huge and overbearing and hyper-annoying. Srsly, kid. You live in Sunderland where there isn’t even a Walmart…how “pimp” can you be? Nevertheless, I assert that it’s a mistake to hate on the icon for the bands of boneheads that worship it.

Tolkien’s work is at the very core of all of these games we love. The game Chainmail would never have existed if not for Lord of the Rings, and we then wouldn’t have had DnD, where classes and parties and dungeons (like Moria @_@) were modeled after the Fellowship. Without that, we wouldn’t have had MUDs, or PC RPGs, and thus today we wouldn’t be camping news sites and trolling forums waiting for the next scrap about Warhammer Online. The origin of Tolkien’s world revolves around one mega-overdone icon: Elves. But that icon still demands respect, for its roots are not only amazing. They are the reason we have all these fun things to do today.

Don’t let the fanboys ruin it for you. <3

~ by thade on July 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “A Recruiter’s attempt.”

  1. Damn you, I’m trying to get myself pumped about the White Lion and you go and write this.

    Added your blog to my roll by the way.

  2. Maaaybe I’ll test one.

  3. That’s all I can ask for ;)

  4. I’ll be rolling this bad boy :D
    This will definitely be an in demand class!

  5. I was gonna be an AM no matter what but this site is now on my fav list. I will be back to discuss tactics once the NDA comes down. Biggest thought on my mind atm is how many action Points we get in a full pool and regen rates, as I want to know how effective drain magic will be.

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