WordPress has some really fun statistics it keeps on my blog…like what links people click on my site and even what links people click to get to my site (from other places). A really cool one is “search terms people used to find your site”. Here is my favorite:

“how to see into the future using magic”

I sincerely doubt they were looking for Warhammer Online info or even the latest on the greatest class ever (*dusts off shoulder*). I wonder what they were looking for?

@_@ they know my secrets.


~ by thade on July 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Awesome.”

  1. Yes. That’s why I use the wordpress format as well. I like how the online stats are very detailed so I can keep track of how people get to my site and what links the click on.

  2. My favorite search engine terms was: naked elf or naked dark elf. LOL who does that? Elves are not real why look for a naked one. I get those search terms at least once a week.

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