Gear Progression Sucks (and not in a kind way).

Today I wrote a several page article which covered many topics, some of which made me very angry and thus it became a tirrade. About WoW. And instances. And “Gear Progression”. Instead of publishing it (because while it was an ok read, it’s really too long) I will summarize.

Guild leading sucks in gear progression games. If you find someone willing to do it for you, respect them. Especially if they don’t yell at you when you mess up. If they do yell at you when you make an honest mistake, leave. Find another guild. If they don’t, it’s not ok to get on their case when they can’t fit you into tonight’s Karazhan run. Because you are casual rogue/hunter/mage #17 and we only ever need one rogue. Maybe if you logged in more than once a month we’d know your name. Don’t be that guy. If you’re going to be casual, be nice to those of us who do our best to accomodate you. Accomodate us. (If you detect bitterness, you read that paragraph correctly.)

Be a damned team player. Step up and help a guildmate if it’s their first time doing something, or if they’re getting their butts pounded by Destruction. Hell, do the same for anybody you see floundering around. Exercise common courtesy, like you would in real-life. Make nothing a pissing contest and everything about how well you can work together to burn up some suckas. Furthermore, don’t *constantly* beg for people to walk you thru crap that they’ve been through. They did it themselves: you should do it yourself too. You can do it. We did it. If you’re too lazy, well, don’t talk to me. Unless of course you want help pwnin suckas.

Here is a definition for you. “Sucka: A Destruction player.” (Nothing personal. But it’s true. Ask Mr. T.)

Here is another definition for you: “Ally: Anybody on your side (in our case Order). Even if they’re a complete jerk.” That’s right. I’ll heal complete jerks if they are fighting suckas. I won’t be kind to them, but I will support them. Victory > Social Justice so far as I’m concerned in WAR. I sincerely hope each and every one of you feels the same way.

I’m excited that WAR will have built-in machinery for guild management. I’m excited that gear in WAR seems to fall in chests and bags that are opener-appropriate (if you open it, there is gear in there that you can use), so loot management will be *easy*. No more DKP. Fuck DKP. That’s right. I said FUCK it. And fuck the assholes that created a looting system that required players to form an ephemeral economy based on time we put in to your stupid, intermittent-reinforcment based video games. I’d like to zero-sum Blizzard’s face.

Here’s another definition: “Zero-sum: I hate DKP.”

Mull that one over.

My girlfriend arrives tomorrow morning for a visit, as my employer decided to pay me to take her to Six Flags for the day. Then this weekend one of my friends is getting married…so I’ll be all over the place visiting with friends who are in town. And I won’t be following WAR. @_@ *gasp* I know. You guys will be fine. I have faith. Well, I will probably peek at some blogs and the forums, but don’t expect any big articles until Monday. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find ourselves in Open Beta end of next week.

Maybe I’ll get the poopie pounded out of me by flying monkies tonight while I’m drinking myself under a table to ease the pain of another flock of flying monkies that I’ll encounter in fifteen minutes or so. But you know. Statistics is everybody’s favorite game.

I’m here all week.

~ by thade on July 17, 2008.

One Response to “Gear Progression Sucks (and not in a kind way).”

  1. I did always think that Blizzard’s loot systems were really one of their great failures. There’s just no need for a middleman between the game and the players.

    I also agree about hating the pissing contests. Everything had to be a pissing contest.

    I remember in TBC I kept asking in guild for help about something I didn’t understand. I begged and pleaded but nobody responded … until I complained about the system based on my misunderstanding (because nobody would explain it to me) … then one of my guildies immediately insulted me and showed off to the guild that **he knew** how that system worked.

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