A sweet way to start the weekend.

Check this out: *link*. I have to say, I agree with Scarybooster. And I’m excited to do so.


Sorry for that outburst, but it’s true. In the least I’m looking forward to a wash of screenshots, vids, and info once the NDA drops. At best I’m hoping to be downloading the beta client in circa two weeks so I can roll up my magery-do.

~ by thade on July 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “A sweet way to start the weekend.”

  1. I keep being scared of the information overload when the NDA drops. Is that bad? ;p

  2. I’m already working on a detailed write-up for you guys. The amount of information from gamesday people is simply pathetic (the amount of information, I’m not commenting on it’s accuracy).

    So no worries, the very day the NDA drops you’ll have plenty of information.

  3. Very awesome. If you want me to host that for you here, I am willing to do that. You already know I’ll link to it in six different places and mirror it ;) and maybe paint a portrait of you too. You know, high school pagan altar style.

    I’m so excited. I hope the NDA drops soon.

  4. Oh, I’ll look forwards to reading it. Can’t find any archmage forums at WHA at the moment. I guess they got rearranged out of existence?

  5. Ooh, I want a portait of me! Better find you some info ;p

  6. I only have so much room for so many altars. @_@

    I will now link the archmage forums at WHA since it’s hard to find them while he’s movin stuff around.

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