This (*link*) made me very happy. Apparently pre-order sales for WAR are just over 3x as many as pre-orders for WotLK. (At least, this appears to be the case so far as shoppers on So I got to thinking… (WARNING: Gross and HEAVILY biased speculation incoming.)

Maybe Blizzard’s attempts at copying each interesting feature of WAR they could in a short time span wasn’t enough? I mean, you pre-order something you’re excited about, right? WoW pre-orders were big, I thought. The Burning Crusade xpac had numbers. Didn’t it? Am I confused? Is WAR pounding WoW into the tarmac at a burning 3:1 ratio? Just off the top of my head…

– One new class VS twenty new classes.
– New instanced raid dungeons with some gear tiers requiring teams of 24 well coordinated people VS No instanced raid dungeons (all instance content is targeted at teams of 6-12 people). (I didn’t forget the king battles; that’s not a dungeon in my mind ;)
– A gear/reputation farming quest VS jump into the action and kill other players, constantly, get XP, rep, gear…hey, everything apparently.
– An expansion VS a completely new, unexplored world.
– A game based on a cheap knock-off of the Warhammer IP VS the Warhammer IP itself. (BAM!)

Don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed Warcraft 2. (I never played 1.) Warcraft 3’s campaign was enjoyable, but not amazing. Best part about it was that hacked map “Defense of the Ancients” in which your opponent couldn’t simply build his base around yours and kill you in the first five minutes of gameplay. And I did enjoy WoW (despite all my latent rage against it). But the *vast* majority of the fun I had was when it was just me and one or two of my RL friends doing random shit that was intended for more people to do. In fact my favorite instance run ever was a Hellfire Citadel run with four other real life friends. Most of them quickly burned out on raid-guild mentality and left. They are excited about WAR, and I am too, since a small band of us seems to be all we need to experience most of the game’s content.

“The grind is gone”, or so says one of those two guys in that X-Play/G4 vid I posted earlier. So far as “grinding” in WAR is concerned, you might consider constant PVP grinding. It was in WoW, though it was enjoyable since opposing *people* made each match somehow different. Now we not only have each skirmish different, but a moving battlefield and struggles over CASTLES. (I want to fight for a castle. I want it SO BAD.) If you consider it grinding to REPEATEDLY DEFEND *MY* CASTLE AGAINST *SIEGES* then Sign. Me. Up.

If you have a better connection than I do at work, you should check this out: *Bloghammer* has started a new column called “Movie Mondays”, and his first set of movies looks to be a treat. The first one I got to play on my epic connection (srsly epic here = lolz) was one that demonstrates what appears to be a FULLY customizable UI, **in-game**. How sweet is that?

Good buy, mods. <3


~ by thade on July 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “WoW VS WAR”

  1. On the fact that WAR is outselling WOW isn’t going to necessarily be a good indicator. Look how well AoC did in pre-sales and look how much that game sucks.

  2. […] we have heard about the bad lets remeber how much of a stand up guy Mark Jacobs is or how popular WAR is VS WoW’s new expansion. These are some great links to check out while you wait and don’t forget to […]

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