Hey, it’s old picture day.

More beta invites when out. That happened a few times over the past week, and each time I read about it anywhere, I compulsively popped open my email and beta account and checked. Newp. No beta for this n00b. Beta-free, I needed something to both get excited about and write about today, so when I ran across what I thought were new screenshots and realized were old screenshots…well, I wanted to be excited. No new information. And some screenshots we’ve already seen. Mostly screenshots we’ve already seen. In fact, I may have already linked this one.

But guess what?

That (*link*) looks to me to be a LAZER from a HAND (or even a STAFF) that is PWNING a FOOL.

Definition – Fool: A Chaos player, or a “sucka”. E.G. The poor d00d all laid out on the ground still taking a faceful of LAZER.

If you check what appears to be the thumbnail for the image (*link*) – which ironically doesn’t link to the image – you see a different perspective which further indicates the STAFF (omg) is the source of the ray spell (which I have dubbed LAZER). I also noticed that the player that seems to be projecting it is all decked out in flowing robes & cape, which according to the Paul Barnett school of thought indicates WIZARD. (Caps make everything more AWESOME.)

It links to this (which we’ve seen) but is still cool. *Link*.

There are more fun pictures (not of archmages)
Not an archmage, but still looks epic.
Someone wandered where they should not have wandered.
Pretty architecture.
Cool statue.
Mounted elves.
A discussion.
A battle below.
My guess is that this is a scenario battlefield (those look like control points to me).

Frankly, even if I did get into beta, that would appease me but not all of you…so what we need is the NDA to wane.

~ by thade on July 22, 2008.

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