Can my computer run WAR?

I’ve got some recommended forum reading for you all today, with regards to performance and WAR. As it turns out, the requirements will be a bit more steep than they were for WoW…so where I previously had been saying (at least to my friends) “You will be fine”, I need to correct myself. If WoW was choppy when it got crowded, you need to upgrade.

During sieges it won’t be uncommon for your machine to have to display upwards of 100+ players at any one time. Can your computer handle that? Most of the game is based around RvR, so that is the one place where you don’t want to experience the hurt in frame rate.

I’m not going to answer questions about hardware (it’s not my field and I don’t want this blog to become a tech site <3), but the threads I’m going to link you to are populated by smart hardware-savvy cats who will answer questions.

Build a Warhammer Ready PC, by Nerror.
Unofficial Requirements Guide, by Peter Pan.

Read the OP’s first few posts in each thread to get the most benefit. Note that the budget machine that Nerror discusses costs around $600: i.e. building a new, capable system is pretty cheap. An upgrade would be much more reasonable, if you have a motherboard that can handle it.

Those are good reads. Go. Even if you think you know what your computer can handle, there are links to other sites from there that taught me a few things about graphics settings that I didn’t know (like dispelling a few of my erroneous beliefs regarding frame rates).

Three things I will mention:
1. Don’t play WAR on your laptop. I know some of you will, whether you have some crazy Alienware laptop or some little beater that you’re going to kill with WAR, but I’m recommending you not do it. It’s hard (if not impossible) to upgrade, but the big issue is heat. Your laptop is built with space and weight in mind, not with heat dissipation. When it runs a game its running around (or above) max temp. Heat can and will damage components in subtle ways. =( Heat damage is bad. Desktops have space for airflow, and are cheaper and easier to upgrade. If you’re getting a new system for this, get a desktop.

2. Unless you have a completely pimped out rig and want to couple together two of the strongest video cards ever for the latest top-end super high resolution gaming experience, don’t trouble yourself with SLI or Crossfire. Drop your dollars on a single video card to save yourself time, money, and set-up frustration.

3. Plug in. Don’t play WAR over wireless. If you are the only person on your wireless uplink, you may still notice a difference. Wireless, in general, does not get the same bandwidth that a wired connection does. Experiment to see for yourself. Internet download speed tests might not show you a difference, since they often measure speed to your router and not to your PC. So by experiment, I mean play intensive internet games on them. Like WAR. =) Ok, the experiment might have to wait.

Of course, I cannot emphasize this enough: keep Windows updated (and have a legal, non-hacked downloaded copy of it), and scan for viruses and adware regularly. Reduce the number of start-up items you have running. Defrag once in a while too. Basic computer maintenance can keep things running smoothly and quickly.

~ by thade on July 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Can my computer run WAR?”

  1. Hehe, one of my guides was going to be a “Build a WAR PC” for WAR based on my beta experiences once the NDA dropped! I can’t really say whether or not the WHA threads are on or off base, but I like your 3 general recommendations! :)

  2. Well, I only have wireless and I’m not going to wire up from the upstairs of the house. It’s been fine for LotRO and PvMP there, so it’ll have to do for WAR.

    Will suggest my husband gets one of those thingies for laptops, since if he does play, it’ll be on a laptop as we’ve downsized to one PC and one MacBook Pro!

  3. Ethernet cable is cheap <3 but I wouldn’t envy you for what holes you may have to drill.

    As for the laptop, I’m not gonna lie. The odds that I will eventually break down and install it on the Windows side of my own Macbook Pro are high. I will use that cooling pad though, and I won’t be happy about having to turn all of my graphics way WAY down for the little guy.

    One of you being plugged in isn’t as good as both, but is better than both of you sharing the same wireless pipeline. In that latter case, both of your singals clash, mix, and cut down how much actual legit talk goes down between you and your router. With at least one of you wired in, you get the max possible wireless xfer rate (which is still less than a hardline). I swear it’s worth it <3 Move the computer(s) to the router room @_@

    It’ll probably be fine, but if you find that you can’t stand RvR because of the lag…try plugging in. =)

  4. Noooooo, my computer cannot leave the TV room. It’s a fact :-)

    We’ll see though, there is a desk by thr router, so if life becomes hellish I will take your advice.

  5. […] keep this guide as simple and direct as possible, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, thanks to Thade of Archmagery for inspiring the Other Considerations section […]

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