Still Alive?

Oh yes. Sorry, but this weekend was laden with family-shenanigans, which minimizes my internet time. A good weekend for it, since there are only three “hot” news items.

1. Syp has returned!!
2. People are speculating that Sept. 23 is the release date.
3. There is no newsletter yet, nor any leaked tidbits from said newsletter.

No news is good news.” Between you and me, I’m not looking forward to the newsletter. The last time (and only time) I got excited for a press release from Mythic resulted in them stating that a bunch of content was cut, while only implying that they intend a “Fall” launch. That was not at all the announcement I wanted, and while I’m ok with it, it certainly did not warrant what hype was associated with it.

Let me be fair. We (bloggers and forum-frequenters that we are) are largely responsible for that hype, I feel. They never said it would be an announcement full of awesome and free ice cream; just that it would be an announcement. I was excited and I was let down. And I only joined this parade a few months ago. Some of you have been here since Mythic first raised its flag; I can only imagine the sting.

I’m not looking forward to the Newsletter because I’m afraid of it. I don’t want to be bothered with yet another long read that tells me nothing about game mechanics, firm dates, Archmages, or High Elves. I certainly don’t want to see more bad news in the form of further cut content or a push-back that they assured us wouldn’t happen. And let’s be honest. Six new screenshots does not a newsletter make.

Sorry if I seem bitter. I slept on a covered porch this weekend during the thunderstorm. It was awesome, really. I love that kind of environment. I am paying for it with a small and irritating sinus infection though. QQ, I say. QQ.

Hey, cheer up. Remain stalwart. Srsly. I’ve been all positive-charged Warhammer sunshine for just about every post I’ve made here and the forums right until now. That I’m down about the newsletter is a good thing…let’s look at this from Eeyore’s perspective, shall we? One of two things will happen:

The newsletter will suck, which I expected, so I’m not let down…only proved right.
The newsletter will rock my socks off, which will lift my spirits waaaaay up.

Either way, I will buy myself some ice cream. It’s not free, but hey: it’s ice cream. Mmm, ice cream.

I finally scored myself a copy of MarioKart Wii. When they say it’s fun for the whole family, they weren’t kidding. It’d ridiculously fun. With an extra helping of ridiculous.

Yeah, I got nothing. Wake me up when we get a newsletter. <3 Or ice cream.

~ by thade on July 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Still Alive?”

  1. And you KNOW it’s a slow week when me returning is “news”!

  2. No doubt! :P

    At least the newsletter will give us something to talk about in our next episode of ChaosCast, good or bad! I’ve started setting my expectations a bit lower for WAR these days, which is kind of liberating. If bad news arrives, I’m not overly surprised by it, but if good news comes, it’s even more sweet!

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