It’s coming. (It’s gotta be.)

First, here is a brief glimpse into me. This week I’m working 40 hours in four days so I can take a three day weekend, the point of which is a visit to the girlfriend and her family. It’s a long drive to the City That Never Sleeps, but that’s what getting car work done is for. Yes, the car is in the shop. So, between all that, MarioKart, my recent introduction and obsessive reading of Questionable Content, and a complete lull in WAR news…well, despite how much I usually have to say, I’m coming up dry.

I new this would happen when I started writing the blog…I wanted to start early to make sure this would work for me, but not too early so that the “hey, there’s nothing to write about” period would be brief. The Rumor Mill is abuzz with thoughts that the Newsletter will be coming out over the next two days, and that this particular newsletter may herald the fall of the NDA.

It’s a bit poopy (srsly poopy) since I will be away for the weekend and unable to respond with all the vigor I can muster. But if it does happen, I’ll have my hands full next week (I hope) with amassing links and mirrors here of all the Archmage-related details I can get my hands on. More than a few people have mentioned to me they’re doing write-ups that will feature if not focus on the Archmage, and Snafgz may actually dance in his underwear for us all over a “CHARACTER DELETED” screenshot. We all knew the NDA drop would be eventful. @_@

No archmage news today, but if you’re curious about NDA release data speculation, hit up some blogs! (They are conveniently linked in the blogroll at the right of this page.)


~ by thade on July 30, 2008.

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