A lesson in viral marketing.

I think working 10 hour days grinding on other people’s broken code and sniffing around WAR-related sites between waiting on other people this week has me on WAR-related edge. I’m really hungry for a new computer game, and this is the one I’ve chosen. And, as I surmised in the last post, I’m annoyed that I may have paid $50 more than I had to in order to take part in NOT an actual Beta phase…but a one week “Stress Test”. Personally, I don’t see one week as nearly enough time to beat on the servers, tweak/repair/upgrade them, and then beat them again before release. My hope currently has fallen from “open beta soon” to “I hope Gamestop and all other retailers are making egregious date errors.” Speaking of beat, that’s what I’d like to do to Gamestop for spoiling the WAR-component of my week.

Here is my advise to you: completely and utterly disregard any and all news regarding DATES that does not come directly from Mythic. I don’t care if an EA-site posts a date: they aren’t Mythic, they are a retailer. It’s not like EA is some hive-mind collective of super-organized devotees who are all on the same page. Far from it. Have you ever worked for a company? Even the smallest, tightest knit mom’n’pop store lets things slip through the cracks. Any of EA’s *many* (emphasis on MANY) large (emphasis on LARGE) divisions (emphasis on stupid and disorganized) are capable of making mistakes of any kind. Including mistakes about release dates. For all we know, it was some new recruit working that site who said “Hey, all the other retailers have the release date posted; I should ask RandomCoworker what it is so I can post it and look good” only to find out later that it was an estimation and NOT to be posted. Have you ever seen anything like that happen? I have. And I call bullshit.

Furthermore, retailers (like Gamestop) are not stupid. They know that every day a whole bunch of us drool over *dates*. And they want THEIR site to come up in our droolicious (yay I coined a word) *date* searches so we might buy/pre-order WAR from them. So how would they do that? Why, it’s easy. Let’s guess-timate some dates and throw em up there. “Oops, we were mistaken” doesn’t count as false advertising. Even if it does, who the hell is going to hold them accountable for it? You? Me? Ambiguous fans who are not you and me? Answer: Nobody. Nobody cares. People will bitch and gripe, but nobody will lift a finger. Meanwhile, see how riled up we all are over Gamestop’s estimations? (Have you been on any forums today?) Posts everywhere. Thousands of hits. All linked to Gamestop’s WAR page. It’s free advertising! “Thanks, WAR community,” says Gamestop. “Thanks for working for free.”

They are jerks. Say it with me. Jerks.

Mythic: it’s time for Open Beta. Srsly. Appease the masses. Shut us the hell up. Let us in.

Think about it. @_@


~ by thade on July 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “A lesson in viral marketing.”

  1. Here is a comment (and not an edit) for no particular reason.

    Some on the forums are suggesting that the “one week open beta” thing may be a restricted open beta access for those who pre-order non-CEs, while those of us who do order CEs will get the full deal (one month or so). Nothing is confirmed (or denied) anywhere, of course, but this set me at ease. That, and the awesome spaghetti I had for lunch.

    Also, I do get a hot art book with my CE. =) I am happy about that.

    Ok, back to normal. <3

  2. I’ve been saying this all week in various comments. It’s probably one of three things… Then again, the easiest answer is usually the right one, so all these conspiracies could be wrong.

    It all comes back down to “nothing is official” so unless you’re really bored, why bother playing along? :P

  3. I….i am really bored =(

  4. Aww, hopefully it won’t be long till you’re twiling a long, elegant staff and only worried about the knots in your dazzling array of hair!

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