MBJ on Pre-order/Open Beta Shenanigans.

MBJ is on a roll today, with a pretty big post regarding the CE vs SE pre-orders and Open Beta access. A little bit of it pertains to my own gripe: if they can have a very short Open Beta, they will.

“In terms of the length of OB, the final length of it is still to be determined. Don’t expect a 30 day OB or anything like that. We’ve never promised, hinted or even inferred that OB was going to be a long process, that’s what our Beta is for. If we need a longer OB, then it will be longer. If a shorter one will suffice, that is fine by us.”

I think a lot of this confusion (at least on my part) stemmed from a false dichotomy I’d formed between the NDA drop and Open Beta starting. The devs have gone on record saying something like ‘You can judge a company’s confidence in its game by how soon before release the NDA drops.’ And a “month” was passed around as a very likely figure. So, something tells me that the newsletter next week will not announce an NDA drop.

I’ll wait until we see the newsletter to make it official, but I have a feeling news will get very scarce during August. =\ Ah well. Means I won’t have WAR to distract me from what remains of summer weather.

~ by thade on July 31, 2008.

One Response to “MBJ on Pre-order/Open Beta Shenanigans.”

  1. I dunno, I think the NDA and OB may be separate. I can’t imagine them letting AUg go silent if they want to release in Sept.

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