Newsletter due out next week.


Also, here’s your daily helping of date speculation…are you ready? Link. From this I learned two things:

1. I was honestly upset by this news, and hope it’s entirely in error. If I had known that for a $50 standard copy of the game I could have gotten into the Open Beta, I wouldn’t have dropped freakin $100 on a Collector’s Edition for it.
2. Open Beta just around a week in length? I hope that’s bologna, because otherwise, I feel twice as cheated.

So yay. A nice kick in the yarbles for my usually chipper WAAAGH today. I suppose the positive thing is that likely they won’t drop the NDA over the weekend, since the newsletter is next week and (apparently) Open Beta will not be happening in August. It’s possible it’ll happen in August and NDA will drop next week, but I’m now riddled with doubt. Stupid retailers. Stupid noobs on forums who insist upon posting every silly retailer speculation.

REALITY CHECK: Hi. I’m Gamestop. I want my site to get hits when people google for WAR release date/Open Beta data info so they stand a high chance of buying WAR from me. How delightful. I can estimate dates and I’ll get hits. Yay. Buy my product please.

ARCHMAGERY SAY: No, Gamestop. You are dumb.

I get to see a show in NYC tomorrow (no idea what it is), and I get to eat in the city tomorrow. Magnolia cupcakes. Here I come.

~ by thade on July 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Newsletter due out next week.”

  1. Here’s my third hypothesis:

    Mythic is actually using Gamestop to test the reactions they’ll get if they were to officially release this kind of information. If the response is extremely negative, Mythic can always come out and deny everything Gamestop is saying and fine tune their messaging!

  2. Conspiracy Theoray ZOMG!

    You may be right! I definately see a pattern here, in any case.
    – Retailer prints hard release date that is not Sept 23 2008.
    – Forum and blog uproar.
    – Retailer revises, often within 24 hours.

    /thoughtfully strokes chin

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