Monday Blues

It’s a lame Monday. It’s slow, work is especially drab, the new fun site that Mythic gave us went down for maintenance, we have no newsletter, and check this out:

I didn’t screenshot it, because I didn’t feel the need to at the time, but I *swear* (and it is notated in my Bookmark title for it) that it previously said “Check back August 4th”. Now it’s “August 5th”. I hope that is a one time change. I hope they are just having a drab, slow Monday like me. I hope that they do not have a drab, slow Tuesday.

In brighter news, Snafgz (from Greenskin) and I are in touch about an exclusive Archmage video he is considering doing for us. =) So once the NDA curtain lifts, we might get at least a video! Of what?! WHO CARE?! So long as its archmages.

Actually, when I requested it, I believe I said it would be acceptable even if he were to video himself dancing around on a printed out screenshot of a Deleted archmage. If we get that…well, it’s my fault, and I’m sorry.

But that’s still pretty funny.


~ by thade on August 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Monday Blues”

  1. I’m 99% sure it said “August 4th” this morning!

  2. It is a horribly slow Monday. I wonder if Tuesday it will change to 6th Aug and so on. I feel like a monkey at a zoo getting peanuts thrown at me. Here monkey, here is a new website. Ooops monkey it is not ready yet. Here monkey, here is a beta center. Ooops monkey it’s down. Here monkey, here is a 4th of Aug. Ooops monkey I ment the 5th. *Monkey flings poo*

  3. I’m sure Snafzg will do you proud!!

    And yeah, I’m sitting about now waiting for the newsletter that didn’t show up yesterday, contemplating writing something more substantial but then thinking.. well.. what if the newsletter arrives!

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