We bloggers lately all seem to be sharing our Warhammer plans, and since I didn’t want to be left out, I decided to state mine, since they’re easy. Ready?

I’m going to roll an Archmage. For Order. A High Elf.

I know you’re shocked. Actually, I’m still a bit shocked and pleased, since I was worried my friends would all want to roll “horde” again..but they all instead decided to “shake things up” and roll with the good guys. That is ever my choice. Because in a pretend land where I command amazing powers and I’m a champion of my people, I want my people to be, you know, people. Not vicious, hate-mongering, murderous, savage, animalistic, demon-worshipping demons.

We srsly need a newsletter.


~ by thade on August 5, 2008.

One Response to “Bandwagon!!”

  1. We do, but I fear it’ll be tomorrow now.. might have to think up another whiny post, but in the meantime thought I’d come bother everyone else to see what they were up to!!

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