hoooooly monkey butts

Srsly, I could think of no other way to put this. Read this post.


In particular, note #5. @_@

5) Regarding the pre-order, Collector’s Edition and the Standard Edition, we are pleased to announce that we will also be inviting our pre-order CE buyers into our Closed Beta test starting next week. There will still be some hardware spec requirements (but they are much lower than our current requirements) since we are still in Closed Beta but we expect that the vast majority of our PO CE buyers will meet the lowered requirements. We gotten a lot of feedback from the community on this point over the last few weeks asking for this and we are now going to make it happen.

Honestly if my machine doesn’t make the cut, they outright lied about their requirements. =D Of course, I may not be invited until Friday (when OB starts) but you know what, TODAY HAS BEEN TEH BEST NEWS DAY EVAR for WAR. So things are cool. =)


~ by thade on August 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “hoooooly monkey butts”

  1. Hey elf-dude,

    hearty congrats for getting into the newsletter!

  2. Wait, what? I’m in the newsletter? Do you mean Archmages? Archmageness? WTF I haven’t received the newsletter yet. @_@ What does it all mean?!

  3. Your blog is in the Euro newsletter. I’ll screenshot it for you when I get home tonight :-)

    No specific Archmage info though!

  4. zomg you can also forward it to me I don’t mind @_@

    w00t! screenshot = proooofs

  5. Hae put a screenshot on BlogWar, cos I don’t have your email. If I did, I’d gladly forward it.

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