Am I…big in Europe?

I have no idea how on earth my site got tagged as an exemplary fan-site, considering that my most recent posts have consisted of me whining about things (such as lack of my own content) but my site was in fact linked in the European newsletter; thanks to Arbitrary for bringing this to my attention. I have to admit, it made me excited. It could mean more traffic, which could translate into more people I can convert from other classes into the ONE TRUE CLASS. You know: archmages. @_@

So, if you are new here: welcome. It’s nice to meet you. =) You might be wondering what the point of this site is, so I will tell you. Once I get into the game (looks like this will happen next week) and the NDA drops (which I hope will also drop next week), I will share my archmage experiences here. I encourage you all to do the same, in the way of posting comments. My little vision is I’ll post a day’s event(s) entry here, and if you had some experiences that day, you could post a comment to share them as well. Discussion and analysis can ensue. I also intend to talk about casting mechanics (which are of particular interest to me), and team dynamics…specifically, how the archmage fits in with other classes, both working with and against. Archmages will have strengths and weaknesses, fun spell combinations, and secret practices that I’m sure some of us will discover as we play. My desire is for this site to be a central place for us to pool all we find together, so we can educate a super race of archmage bad-asses.

In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on news blips and developer shenanigans, with recent announcements being the big current happenings. I’ll continue to do this too, but to a much lesser extent than other blogs, who have all proven themselves to be both far better at news reporting than I am, and far less focused on archmages than I am.

End of next week I expect to have a lot more to say (well, at least a lot more with value). Also, Snafgz is trying to put us together a video, and Dastion (over at warhammer alliance) has been compiling a write up, which I imagine he’ll post on the forum there. Once the NDA drops, I will be more than happy to entertain questions – even general ones – for people who aren’t sure if Warhammer is the right choice for them. Trust me: the Archmage *is* the right choice. ;) Right, Arbitrary?

EDIT: Now that I’m off Cloud Nine (but still excited) I realized I was a tool and didn’t mention the other three blogs that were mentioned: Waaagh!, Champions of Stuff, and The White Tower of Hoethe. All bigger, braver blogs than this. <3 Nice work, guys!


~ by thade on August 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “Am I…big in Europe?”

  1. Join the Green Side! Muahaha! ;)

  2. Oh, and I completely forgot… CONGRATZ! That’s huuuuuuuuuuge! :)

  3. Oooh, cool. Congratulations :)

  4. Thanks, guys =)

  5. I think you might need to speak to Spinks, not me ;p

    (though I can’t say more than that!)

  6. Because of you I’ll prolly be rolling an Archmage. Especially the Vaul tree sounds good with the mortal strike effect :P

  7. Grats man! I didn’t even read the newsletter yet, but I think I probably should at this point, eh?

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