“Look at this wonderous toy.”

Seriously, how on earth does this work?! It’s the coolest thing ever. Even just two monitors would be enough for me @_@. Srsly, it made me happy.

I would really like to swing a graphics upgrade in my near future…but I will be going with a single 24″ monitor instead of three. My goals are < $400, high contrast ratio, and 1920×1200 or better resolution. Adjustable stand a plus (but not required). This will be bought to take full advantage of the graphics card I’m eyeballing.

All of this hinges on finances. I will have to abandon my really real job for grad school, which will not pay me as much as a really real job. It will pay much more than a non CS/Engineer grad school, but how much more remains to be seen.

I hope you all have huge freakin monitors for pwnin suckas, because visibility is kingly in MMO shenanigans.

~ by thade on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Look at this wonderous toy.””

  1. Here’s a forum post on warhammer alliance where I asked and some tech savies are answering. =)


  2. That’s a very nice card! :) I think it’s very difficult to find a quality 24″ for under $400 these days, but I haven’t looked too hard.

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