We’re on the box art!

Bottom-left there. Right behind the ERSB logo (which shows that they made their target of Teen, btw). Here is the bigger version: link.

Nothing earth-shattering in the newsletter (which I just received), other than the box art (ok, not earth-shattering) but frankly after Woohoo Wednesday’s series of crazy awesome announcements, what could they possibly do other than launch the game OR declare it free to play for bloggers OR both. I suppose nothing. I wonder if they ever figured out a way for the Tome to give us cupcakes? Anyway, that wasn’t in the newsletter.

~ by thade on August 8, 2008.

One Response to “We’re on the box art!”

  1. *waits patiently for those in other timezones to go find the Massively articles on elfies*

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