I am only permitted to disclose the following information with regards to this mornings events:

1) The fact that there is a Warhammer Online Beta Test currently underway.

2) The fact that I am a member of the Warhammer Online Beta Test.

I’m excited, I’m not gonna lie. I’m particularly excited that I discovered what I did as early as I did, so I could put things into motion and they can take place SLOWLY while I’m at work. (Meanwhile my friend, who received his notice yesterday AND has FIOS, mocks me.)

Now, whether this site remains “archmagery” or becomes “knitting” is something that remains to be seen. Ok, maybe not “knitting.” Croquet?


~ by thade on August 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Permissal”

  1. Woot! Still need that video or are you going to make your own? :P

  2. Congrats

    And I am fairly secure it’ll remain archmagery, and say no more on that.

  3. If you have already made the video, I would still like to make use of it. I don’t have FRAPS or the money to commit to it (I know it’s cheap, please don’t read too much into my financials), so if you don’t mind posting it, I would certainly love to link to it.

    Now I just need to wait for the d/l to finish so I can install it. Also, the server(s) need to be up. Ok, even just one server. I don’t think the NDA says I can’t talk about the presence of servers, right? I mean, people know there are servers. Wait, who are these guys with shackles and duct tape? OMG GAIZ WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!! NO!!! LET ME GOOOOOOO-

    /muffled yells

  4. Sweet i got into the Beta this morning. C ya on the battlefield WAAAGH!(If i ever finish downloading)

  5. […] don’t get into Open Beta as the US version does. My Google Reader is filling up to the brim with bloggers who happily announce that they just got a invite to Closed Beta, mostly from their […]

  6. ZOMG They got Thade! Rescuing Thade, now thats what I call a public quest…. TO ARMS!!!

  7. Welcome to the 2nd level of waiting :)

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