“Welcome to the second level of waiting.”

According to what I’ve read today (summarized best by MBJ *here*), it doesn’t matter that my download will likely keep on trucking into the better part of tomorrow. The beta servers won’t be up (at least for the likes of CE invitees such as myself) until the middle of next week “at the earliest.” In the biz, we call that a buzz kill.

At first I was very disbelieving: why would they give up near two weeks of beta testing? (IIRC they brought the servers down late last week.) Perhaps that’s a good sign: they really are near completion. It does leave them at good three weeks to stress test, and if they’re well-prepared, perhaps that’s all they need.

However, what *I* need is a crack at that silly game. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “non-CE closed beta people” resume testing this week (in Tier 4) while the rest of us (“CE closed beta people”) start late next week. After Open Beta keys become valid on Friday. Around the time we all thought Open Beta would start. In fact, I bet we can just call it Open Beta, and presume that these “closed beta invites” were not at all some magic, extra, additional compensation, but in fact just a method of technically staying within the rules while getting us all the program we need early. A smart plan. Which I fell for. Dammit, I wanna play!

To be fair, I’m certain that no trickery was involved in this, at least not consciously. Now that I understand that, I’m not nearly so upset as the moment when I realized I didn’t understand it, because it wasn’t clear. I find this line of thought particularly interesting, since they have been more open about their dev process than any game I’ve paid attention to before. Possibly even they don’t know when things will really happen, and that’s going to lend itself to ambiguity in their responses to our questions and their general announcements. And I forgive them. In the very least, the excitement tasted good while it lasted. It even triggered my buddy’s canceling of his WoW account.

Oh well. More MarioKart for me.

~ by thade on August 11, 2008.

One Response to ““Welcome to the second level of waiting.””

  1. There is a beta.
    And I am a member.
    And I am done my download.
    And you are correct.

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