Wait, what was this blog about?

I know it’s been way too long, but finally there is some new information about. =D Since some sites have been given the go ahead to forget about the NDA, I’m going to cite them so we can see some stuff.

Regarding our mirror-class, the greenskin shaman:

My initial experiences in the first few levels, though, are ones of unmitigated slaughter. Nobody can touch me. I zap foes with my attack spells, then as they drop to the ground I hit myself with an overpowered heal. I don’t have to slow down for nothing. My initial impression is that Age of Reckoning is fast and brutal, and I like it that way.Fargo

Here’s something interesting: Warhammer allows you to select two targets, an enemy and a friendly. For someone playing a healing class, this is terrific. I select an enemy, then I select the guy fighting it — as I start spamming heals and attacks, they automatically go to the appropriate target. When the fight starts to go bad, you have some tough choices to make. If you stop doing damage and just focus on heals, your heals won’t be as powerful. Or you can keep doing damage, saving up for monster heals, assuming your buddies live long enough to enjoy them. I haven’t done the math yet to figure out which strategy is better under which conditions, but my point is that you’re always thinking and reacting. – Fargo

That’s funny: all of these sound like the reasons I want to play an archmage. Speaking of which, one of the writers did try out an archmage, a lv31 template:

First I had to wrap my head around the Archmage’s High Magic mechanic. There are two aspects to High Magic — Force and Tranquility. You build up Force with damaging spells and Tranquility with heals. High magic “points” improve your spells by reducing their casting time by 20% per point and by improving the damage of instants by 5% per point. You get better heals by healing and better damage spells by attacking with them. It’s the converse of the Gork and Mork system that the Greenskin shamans use. – Gerald

The good news here is that “healing high magic” and “damage high magic” now have names. =) Force and Tranquility. I am 100% convinced that the blogger is mistaken here, saying that the archmage is the converse of the shaman instead of its mirror. If it were the case that healing would beget more healing power, that *would* pigeon hole the archmage into a position where it should just spam heals constantly. That is against MBJ’s prime directive, so I do not believe for a moment that it would happen.

Well, ok, it might happen, but I’d be shocked.

I thought that the Archmage would be a sitting duck in a heated battle, but they have quite a few ways of keeping themselves alive. One option Is the Wind Blast ability, that knocks players away from you, while also snaring them for 10 seconds. It’s a very handy escape button to hit when you’re getting rushed. – Gerald

Haha, new future archmage quote incoming: “WTF Wind Blast, suckas.” Please note: when you say “sucka” and you wish to emphasize it, you need only extend the cadence on the final “ah” sound…and as you do so, raise its octave steadily. Try it at home. You’ll like it. Unless you’re a dirty Destruction sucka.

All of this information comes from the Gamespy preview (27 pages long), which is pretty good, all in all. There is bound to be some misinformation beyond what I already linked, but the truth still eludes those of us not in the beta, thanks to the NDA. I’m selfishly excited to get into beta myself (I hope in a matter of a couple of days) to see the truth with my own eyes. I’ll be compiling notes (don’t you worry) that I will immediately pour onto this blog when the NDA lifts.

BTW, click the picture. Do it. <3

~ by thade on August 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wait, what was this blog about?”

  1. That is a great picture (of someone who is about to die horribly :) ) But I have to say, their robes look great!

  2. It’s true. Those witch elves about to get a nice, tall class of WTF BBQ SUCKAS!!!

    …let me dream, ok?

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