Baby step to 5 o’clock… Baby step to 5 o’clock…

Windows Update cost me roughly six hours of download time last night, about which I’m a little upset. Why didn’t I disable the auto-d/l-install-reboot bologna in the first place? Regardless, *it* is over 80% now, and by my last calculation should be done around the time I get out of work today…so I should arrive home and be able to install immediately.

At the time of this writing, the Beta Center log in is currently auto-logging people out. The buzz on WHA (which I can’t find now, but I’m sure you can guess) is that this might herald the beta servers coming back online. One can only hope, eh? I have no idea how long the install period is. As I remember, reinstalling WoW from disks was easily a six to eight hour process of switching discs and patching…but that did include an xpac…and mods. Ok, I have no accurate memory of how long that ridiculous install precisely was. It did prevent me from playing at all on the evening I chose to do it though (and not for lack of trying).

Well, like any day this summer, I will pass the time working whilst I lurk forums and blogs, hoping that – unlike any day this summer – tonight I will be playing an MMO beta.


~ by thade on August 13, 2008.

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