the suspense is getting to me

My download should be only two hours away from completion. The servers are reportedly up. Could it be? Can it be real? Am I going to…tonight? Will I create my first archmage?

I cannot love you, First Archmage. For you will leave me. Nay, be taken from me! As Beta comes to a close, you shall vanish, cease…deallocated in a callous yet worthy server reset. You will be reborn, yes. But like Rei-II, something will always be…different.

You will be my first. Will I love you?

Will you…?


Thanks, I’m here all week. Yes, in all likelihood – barring, you know, torrent breaking, corrupt file(s), servers going back down, my ISP/router/modem/computer crapping out, unannounced girlfriend/family visit, backed-up toilet/sink – OK – in all likelihood, tonight I will join the untitled “other side” of the blogosphere. The bloggers who are within the NDA. Once I am under the curtain, not only can said bloggers quietly answer my questions (oh how they BURN in my BRAIN) but I can see the answers for myself.

I am very excited.


~ by thade on August 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “the suspense is getting to me”

  1. Glad to hear you finally got in. Hit me up on AIM, my UN is [editted out by thade] (and for those other people who might try to message me there, I don’t answer beta questions :) )

  2. Enjoy!

  3. Dastion – Added =) I’ll msg you soon as I see you. I took the liberty of removing your IM name so you wouldn’t get beta question spam <3
    Arbitrary – =)

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