Secret Lives of Mobs <3

This morning I’d like to extend a blog-based “We Miss You, Man” card to Father Jack of Secret Lives of Mobs. Every blogger I’ve spoken with, and what friends of mine are blog-savy, have expressed regret and sympathy for what happened to you and your site. It was lame, and you are awesome.

There aren’t a lot of great web comics anymore. xkcd and Penny Arcade pretty much rule the day. Then SLoM came along and nudged its way into those ranks as an original, interesting, and genuinely humorous comic. Personally I hope to one day see it breathing again. Or at least archived somewhere, so I can go back and relive those dwarf battles. =)

Here’s to you, Father Jack. Cheers!


~ by thade on August 15, 2008.

One Response to “Secret Lives of Mobs <3”

  1. Archmage Sir, we need to talk. How can I E-mail ya?

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