NDA go byebye?

According to this, tomorrow morning it’s going to fall. Of course, it’s prudent to believe otherwise (as delays are the way of the world around here), but I’m too full of hope and grandeur for that.

This means that tomorrow all the blogs will start to compose all the fun stuff they’ve been saving. Since I only started playing the beta myself a few days ago, I have only anecdotes so far, but Dastion has given me a comprehensive Archmage write-up that I will be posting, unedited. (I’ll post my comments thereafter.) As for questions, I think the WHA Archmage forum will be the best place for you guys to drop your questions. There are a lot of knowledgeable peeps in the beta. Perhaps a lot of dumb, noob CE testers too (e.g. thade) who will answer with bologna instead of facts, but that’s the way of the internet, no?


~ by thade on August 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “NDA go byebye?”

  1. Very excited for this & all the new info!

  2. Get your butt on AIM or email me back (your server and username?) so I can actually send you the updated one without all of the “Hoping for an update” notations lol.

  3. Also, I already have my guide edited, mostly redone, and ready to be seen tomorrow on Warhammer Alliance’s Guides Forum when the NDA drops. So, I’d rather you didn’t post my unformatted, mostly rewritten, Guide. Though feel free to link or post the version on WHA.

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