Answers to Wizards and Wenches Questions.

Wizards and Wenches asked some specific questions that those of you not in the beta might want to have answers to, so I thought I’d do so, biased with the eyes of an archmage since, well, that’s my scene and all.

“I want to know how the RvR is. Are the RvR consisting of big zergs moving around, instantly nuking every melee career that put a toe into the no-mans land? Are tactic [sic] actually used in how groups of players move around and attack, or is it madness?”

The RvR is really fun. Open Field RvR has battlefield objectives (points to gain control of, all guarded by NPCs). The combat mostly was a little zergy, but had clear direction and some communication (“look out behind!” “on the left!” etc). More than once the party leader was the real leader-type, and people listened as the leader gave directions. So, skirmish-wise its chaos, but battle-wide it’s organized. Healers seem to do their jobs pretty well, because people don’t just drop like flies (unless they race into the thick of it and they are not a tank class or a melee-healer). And more than once a tank saved me by wedging himself between me and a would-be assassin. It builds camaraderie quickly when I’m healing a tank and that same tank sticks himself between me and three chosen so I can retreat to a safer distance.

I will say this: often, Order was significantly outnumbered by Chaos in open-field RvR. 2:1 at least. We hold our ground pretty well, considering, so when Destro does relent we gain ground. I got myself into a handful of keep sieges yesterday, two of which ended in us breaching the keep (we were always on the offensive, as Destro controlled all the keeps) and getting held fast on the stairs to the second story. First time it was an AoE massacre. Second time it was 10 of them vs 16 of us, but they had NPC tanks at the top of the stairs with their real tanks and, as they were guilded, I feel certain that they were better organized and equipped (i.e. ventrillo) than we were. It was a hard fight, which we lost. Will I go back? Oh, yes. I will go back.

“How is 1vs1? Is it all based around RvR or is there actually some balance between the careers? Rock, paper, scissors? Can one actually spend time with questing without getting raped every five minutes by roaming gank squads?”

I enjoy it. I have a lot of trouble taking down a tank when he/she is in my face, but no trouble if they’re not at full health and at a distance from me when I start on them. So far I’m a pretty even match for any caster I’ve confronted, and Witch Elves are very nearly my undoing (at best a fight for my life, at worst I go down like a cheap coat rack at an awkward Christmas party). Roaming gank squads don’t exist on a “Normal Rules” server so far as I’ve seen, but in an Open RvR server I *guarantee* they will exist, because our zones are right next-door to one another.

“Crafting? The things we have been told is not much, it sounds like they haven’t been focusing much of the crafting in this game.

“Economy. Is there any? Auction houses? Does crafting place a big role and what does one do with all the gold anyway?”

I can’t comment much here. I do enjoy what little of cultivation/alchemy I’ve experienced. Beats the pants off of running around trying to find flowers, that’s for sure. As for “all the gold” I haven’t made more than a full gold piece yet, but I’m only lv13 and I spend my monies on crafting supplies and skills. And dyes. Ohhh, I have an addiction to dying my armor. I lub it.

“Since I play a dark elf, I’m a bit concerned about the lack of tanks, and that the Disciple will be acting as both tank and healer. Has it any truth to it or does it work without the cut careers?”

This hasn’t come up because if there is no tank on your side, you just do without. And often Chosen and Black Orcs will mix up their days by joining Scenarios other than their own, so you run into tanks on both sides all the time. In open field RvR, this is a non-issue since we’re all there. Let me tell you: a Black Orc really is an intimidating thing to confront, even in a video game.

Oh, you want to play Destruction? Well, then you should know this: you have Chosen. They are everywhere. Seriously, they are a dime a dozen. Whether they are skilled or not doesn’t seem relevant as there are so many of them it’s hard to NOT hit one when trying to hit what you’re really gunning for. Trying to fend of one chosen at close range for me was a workout. Two or more was pretty much the end of me, every time. So you will often have tanks, I think. They get bored being amongst their own and seek areas with “less Chosen”.

Capitals? They cut out all except two, surely they must be awesome? How awesome?

VERY awesome, in my opinion. I spoke to this in my other post, but again I enjoyed the scope and the quality of the city. I enjoyed getting mugged and wandering about the districts. I only wish that the city’s level were higher so I could explore the rest of it. I need to do more questing and help out with RvR. =)

There you go, man. I hope that’s what you were looking for. More questions?! GO!!! (Esp if they are archmage-related. <3)


~ by thade on August 19, 2008.

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  2. Thanks a lot, much appreciated ;)


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