Thanks to Snafgz for making this video for us. Sorry to disappoint; it does not feature Snafgz in his underwear. It might look a little weird for an embed, but it’s my first one…and (so far as I can tell) wordpress’s vimeo tag doesn’t have a whole mess of options. But hey, it works!

EDIT: Due to a rule Vimeo imposed on July 21 (of this year), all video-game based vids on their site are scheduled for removal/deletion. So watch this while it’s hot, because it won’t be there forever.


~ by thade on August 19, 2008.


  1. Nice video, I was listening to Chaos’s Podcast, was thinking about rolling an Archamage. Nice video.

  2. Awesome video! DOes this make you more excited about the Archmage?

  3. I’ll be honest. =) Now that I got my grubby little paws directly on my very own archmage, it’s hard to be anymore excited. The effects look so good in person, even on my lacking video card. I am excited to upgrade said card (and buy a bigger monitor) so I can see the true potential of my baby.

    This game is great. It’s got a lot of awesome stuff, and a lot of room to grow. I’m excited to start my adventure anew. @_@

  4. Yeah I am really excited. I juat preordered the game yesterday and am downloading open beta as I speak. I have been crazy about this game since I heard of it almost 2 years ago. I’m probably going to be a white lion. They just seem like they will be a ton of fun to play.

  5. Glad you liked it! I got pretty lucky vs. the Marauder at the very end of that video. Both my knockbacks fired him off in the perfect direction and he wasn’t interrupting me from a distance with axe throws! I think he ran out of AP at the very end of that fight, which was pretty lucky… I was waiting for my sprint to wear off so I could quickly HoT myself and toss a quick damage spell his way to finish him off.

    The next two times we met, I promptly died without getting him past 50%. I guess he learned his lesson! :P

  6. lol nice vid looks very promising

  7. Sweety sweetness. Really thinking of playing the Archmage now. Watched this 10 times allready \o/

  8. lol that last battle with him tearing down that Chosen was pretty amazing. These guys seem to have alot of survivability. I wonder how that is for Shamans.

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