Adventure Log (Beta) – August 19th

Last night I logged in pretty late (about 9:30/10pm EST) for a few hours of action. I quickly found the RvR scene in Troll Country and Ostland (Empire vs Chaos) to be grossly in favor of Destruction (we were outnumbered, made a really good push, but were quickly overrun and pushed back to our gates)…so instead of farming renown and rallying for another push with none of my RL friend on, I decided instead to go exploring and possibly find a new PQ (Public Quest). So I hopped a helicopter backpack and flew myself to the Shadowlands. This is currently where quests my level and mobs my level abide, and its also where I had my very first keep siege experience. I peeked my Open Group radar and saw no RvR teams assembled, but I did see two PQ teams, one of which was very nearby. So, I joined that one and used map radar to find them.

It was a quick run across some rocky terrain; I saved some time cutting through the RvR zone, then I killed a lone shaman. I don’t know what it is, but at lv3 I had a lot of trouble vs a shaman (neither of us could kill the other) but ever since I passed lv10 I haven’t had much trouble with them. It’s a good fight, but I either come out on top or end up in a draw (as the shaman flees). So there you have it: don’t run from our mirror. I usually start this contest off with my dots: Radiant Gaze and Law of Conductivity, followed up with Transfer Force targeted on myself. When you have no friendly target up, your friendly casts default to you as a target, which is nice but at times frustrates me. Usually it frustrates when I click on someone in RvR, miss the “Out of Range” message, and end up blowing a tremendous heal, backed with 5 Force points, on myself when I’m at full health. It is nice for these unexpected skirmishes however. After 3 dots (all instant casts, putting me at 3 Force), I blow Drain Magic (also an instant cast) which ticks them for maybe a fourth or third of their action bar? How many action points we have is a little unclear to me…when I tried spam-casting spells to calculate it, lag + the AP regeneration rate confounded my efforts. Anyway, they lose 90 AP and an instant cast, so thanks for the fourth Force point. I should note that, so far, Drain Magic is our *only* burst damage. It’s TINY, but I have used it to polish off a runner when my DoTs are ticking him and my channelled hand-laser beam is on cool-down. Four Force points is good enough to start, so I throw my instant-cast HoT on myself (Lambent Aura: note that Lambent Aura’s benefit from Force is enhanced effect instead “faster cast”, so I’d rather have big heally points trickling on me over time than a burst I don’t yet really need.) By now the shaman has begun to return fire, which seems to always involve some sort of green beam focused on me. That’s only fair, since I have a brightly multicolored LASER BEAM streaming from my fingertips into his FACE. While sometimes it’s an exciting stand off match, this shaman (whom I will now remark was my senior by a level) began to flee.

Well, I let him go. But my second wave of DoTs (which I cast before I realized he was fleeing) didn’t. A moment later a little +RP ticked over my head. I felt bad. I did.

SO, I arrived at the scene of the PQ where there were maybe six or seven elves throwing down with some disgruntled nymphs (evil tree-things) and “horrors” (spites, both of which I have killed 100 of as of last night). Now my “bragging rights” proudly reads thus:

1. Encountered a dryad.
2. Killed 100 dryads.
3. Encountered a spite.
4. Killed 100 spites.

Hopefully future dryads and spites will give me a break when they see this, but I doubt it. The party had three sword masters, three archmages (including myself), a white lion, and one or two shadow warriors. The PQ was pretty smooth. Kill 75 or so each of the aforementioned dryads and spites, pick 25 spiky weeds (while fighting your way thorough many more beasties who spawn to be underfoot and angry), then fight a big tree boss and his two cronies. This is the fight where I learned to love my two new abilities, Walk Between Worlds (an AoE agro dump) and my lv2 Morale ability Rampaging Siphon (not in that order).

Rampaging Siphon is an AoE damage ability that heals for every bad guy it hits…how much it heals really I don’t know, but it is AoE damage. First time I used it was very impressive to me. We picked up some additional agro that the swordmasters were trying to hold onto along with the boss. DoTs were ticking all over the place and damage was pretty spread out, so when I blew this new ability for my first time, two things happened: four mobs died, and the other six immediately decided to take a piece out of me. Walk Between Worlds saved my life. <3 I’ll grant you, it’s not amazing damage at only 300ish, but compared to our other dmg spells it is significant. And for my first time, it had a nice measure of epic.

We triumphed, and despite my showing up late to the first stage and not really understanding what to do my first time during the weed-picking stage, I got a loot bag! The 4th of 4, and only by virtue of my roll, but hey. I got 11 silver out of the deal (at my stage of the game, this is a politely hefty sum), so I wasn’t left wanting. I stayed for another go, this time with only three others (two archmages and a swordmaster who really wanted to try an archmage “next”). The first stage took a long while with only three of us, and the boss had a lot of HP for only archmage DPS, but he did go down, and since there were only four of us, we each got a loot bag. Something to note here is that this PQ did not have a little note on it that said “Difficult”…those that do you cannot do with only four. We did it one more time, the last time two shadow warriors arriving during the boss battle to lend a hand, and we four split the loot again (our contribution far outweighing the two newcomers, and we all rolled below 300 on the d1000 roll). I got a new robe out of the deal (a green one) as comes in the “Lesser Loot Bag.” It was very cool looking and had more +intellect, but I lost “corporeal resist” and spirit resist…not sure what corporeal resist does precisely, but I traded up to 3x the armor value. I’m sure I’ll learn the difference between those stats soon enough. Anyway, it looked cool, so before heading to bed for the night I booked home (literally, I read a book and it teleported me home, the “hearthstone” of WAR) and dyed my armor to what my custom colors have become…purple and gold. It’s not a personal thing, just that no one else seems to have such colors (in fact many people haven’t dyed their gear for the cost I presume) and I like being a bit unique. The cost is a bit prohibitive. For frame of reference, when I logged in I had 50 silver. I had 1 gold and maybe 70 silver at the end of those PQ runs, and the dye-job cost 1 gold and 50 silver. Worth it? Well, it was worth it to me.

End of the night I hit rank 14 and got with that a new ability “Shield of Saphery”. What annoys me about it is that it will only work on groupmates (something I sincerely hope they change soon), so it will likely not be a “save the target I’m healing” thing and more of a “save my own butt” thing in RvR. I am excited to try it out though, as it is a spell effect I have not yet seen.

Well, that concludes this first installment of what this blog was originally intended for. =) So now you all are aware of my true purpose. I’d like to direct you all to ChaosCast this week, in which Snafgz admits to enjoying playing an archmage (pronounced arCH – like CHurCH – mage). As soon as he changes “The Greenskin” to “The High Elves > The Greenskins”, his transformation will be complete. @_@ I hope you all enjoy what I do here. Here’s what you can do to contribute:

– Did you experience the same event I did today? Tell me what you thought!
– Did you spot Thade in game? (hint: “Thade” is NOT my game name.) Screenshot me for points @_@
– Ask questions about my adventures, or the game in general <3
– Answer my questions, even if I didn’t ask them directly. =) Here’s a question: what level is Atldorf Sewers?
– Direct me to places to explore in the game world!
– Send cookies.

<3 Thade (not the monkey general, but in general a monkey)


~ by thade on August 20, 2008.

10 Responses to “Adventure Log (Beta) – August 19th”

  1. Nice write-up! I’m enjoying that you’re not over analyzing everything, I think that’s best.

    I believe that base AP is 250, I could be wrong. Don’t know what the actual regen rate is, but I know that various masteries/tactics/actions can affect regen and cost…don’t think anything changes the size of the pool itself.

    Explain the Chicken Mechanic if you have time, no one really seems to be talking about it.

  2. Chicken!!!!!

    As soon as I hit lv12 (a level inappropriate for the tier I was in) I immediately became a chicken. All of my abilities were locked. I could still speak, and I could jump (which made me cluck) but that was it. One hit really does seem to kill you.

    Recall that the tiers are intended for a set range of levels (Tier 1 for example is lv1 to lv11) and the idea behind the chicken-thing is to keep players who have leveled past this from coming back and griefing the players that are there.

    The chicken debuff stays with you as long as your RvR flag does…so after I left the RvR zone I just relogged to shake the flag, and was restored to my beautiful self.

  3. Thank you very much for this blog, I just found it yesterday thanks to Keen’s site. After many months of beta-denied Rune Priest wannabe-ing, I finally got to play… and decided the Archmage will definitely be it (though I was really looking forward to being a female dwarf, ah well). And in my opinion, the correct pronunciation is “ark-mage”, because you don’t say “arch-angel”, do you? At least I hope you don’t, but I blame the public school system anyway.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Perhaps its a preference thing, since archmage/archmagus isn’t in the dictionary, however here are several examples which are pronounced like arCH-(like CHurCH):

    And, frankly, if you look up arCH as a word-root and not just a bit of arKitecture, you see that it is still pronounced arCH:

    However, archangel is in fact pronounced as you say:

    So, while the angelic rank is pronounced differently, it is the exception to the rule <3 and a weird one, that I’ve long attributed to religious writers being a bit…well, quirky. Anyway, feel free to pronounce it as you wish, because I certainly can’t stop you. However, my blog is called “arCHmagery”, not “arKmagery”, because it has a “ch” in it and not a “k”. <3

    I’m very glad you like the blog @_@ and even happier that you’ve joined the team. I also tried the rune priest and was very quickly disappointed with it; it’s just not my play style. Anyway, welcome, and have fun. =)

  5. I guess I prefer the old-world pronunciation.

    ETYMOLOGY: Middle English -arche, from Old French, from Late Latin -archa, from Latin -archs, from Greek -arkhs, from arkhos, ruler, from arkhein, to rule.

  6. I am in love with the Archmage and will definitely be rolling one as my main. I currently have a Rank 16 (Renown Rank 10) AM on the Oceanic server.
    RVRing with this career is a blast, especially in Tier 1. In the Khaines Embrace scenario (HE vs DE) I was topping DPS/Healing/Kills in pretty much every match I played.
    As for the Altdorf Sewers – it seems there are a few different areas you can instance into. I have been into two different ones with the first having mobs of around 16-18 Skaven Champions and the second with mobs of 14-16 Skaven Champions.

  7. First of all, great blog! I like to dye my stuff too – I choose the cheaper shade of Snotling Green. I tried to dye my Ironbreaker’s chainmail, but only the trim would change and I was disappointed.

    Concerning the corporeal resist, I’m fairly sure it acts just like armour, in that it provides a flat damage reduction, except against corporeal damage rather than physical attacks.

    So far the only career I’ve noticed that uses much corporeal damage are sorceresses. There’s probably tons more that I haven’t seen yet, but considering the pain sorceresses rain down on me, it was enough to convince me to start collecting a bunch of corporeal resist.

    I think it’s great how many stats there are that’s relevant to every career. I’m already having to make some tricky gear choices at level 11.

  8. Great write up nice and rounded. Glad to see you are using Drain Magic I was wondering how effective it would be! 30% of Ap is nice and I saw some tactic that give the defnsive target 50? (ap) I hope. On this point do you spend Ap at the end of a cast? If so the drain magic could be a great counterspell if you target is casting on low AP.

  9. sorry about the spelling but I am writing this quickly at work.

  10. This post impressed me. Your winning me over my friend :]. At first I thought my main would probably be a shaman because the greenskins are amazing… then I saw a stat graph that showed me that Shamans were the most created class in Beta…and that saddened me.

    So…Archmage? yes. Order? possibly.

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