Adventure Log (Beta) – WAR is Action

Since I’m at work and haven’t played the game in two days, I’ll do a brief little PvP flashback for you guys. I was perhaps level 8 or 9 running around the south-end of the Elvish starting zone, when I discovered the entry to the RvR-region (“Field of Bones” or “Bonefield” or definitely something to do with bones and fields). NPC guards stood on an embankment that sloped down to a river which separated the land of PvE from the land of PvP. I waded across this river to find two dwarves (Ironbreakers) and a Shadow Warrior (elvish longbowman). Upon seeing me (a healer) they cried “A healer!” and they rushed up the hill after a lone zealot.

I followed, musing about the likelihood of a lone zealot of the Chaos army wandering his way here all by himself in the spirit of exploration, and then discovered he had not come here on his own. Racing down the hill, with all the fury and drooling fanaticism it could muster, was a stampede (yes, a stampede) of Destruction players. There were at least 30 of them. This did not discourage the two Ironbreakers, whom I hope didn’t think I was going to heal them as they plowed into the open arms of death. The Shadow Warrior and I, foreseeing our fates, turned and fled. The force pursued, mowing over the Ironbreakers like a strong wave over a tiny sandcastle, and many of them (not all) stopped at some invisible line on the hill. I continued across the river, but the Shadow Warrior – who seemed to also be conscious of said-invisible line – turned and opened fire. Several Destruction engaged him on foot. I threw a HoT on him and continued to flee across the river. I wasn’t sure how likely they would be to pursue me further. I was still flagged, but had this small force of NPCs to “protect” me now. I wondered what kind of protection they would offer. Then I noticed a ballista that seemed clickable.

This ballista looked precisely like one that I was lead to use on a quest earlier: I had used to shoot down harpies, with an FPS-like interface. So, I right clicked on it and selected “Sniper Mode” and – sure enough – the same interface was presented to me. Except this time, instead of seeing a vast number of harpy mobs eagerly awaiting death, I found a lone Shadow Warrior trying to fight off three Chosen.

Chosen. Chosen in the world of WAR so far have seemed much less like the Knights of Doom and Awesome I was lead to believe they were, and much more like the random fodder-troops of the Foot Clan, because frankly they are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere. And I’ve killed my share. Black Orcs are far scarier. And frankly Order tanks just look cooler, at least at early levels. Ironbreakers look classy with their shiny chain mail, awesome beards, and pissy, drunken demeanor, and if you haven’t seen a Swordmaster in action yet, you really should. They’re fun to play too. Anyway, I digress. I aimed at a Chosen and fired. KA-CHUNK, went the ballista. A very brief moment later, the Chosen (who was clearly not the focus of the Shadow Warrior’s attacks) dropped to the ground.

I had just killed a player with a ballista.

The other Chosen, beholding the fate of their comrade, said “LOL, BALLISTA!” and fled for their lives, allowing the Shadow Warrior to escape. As my fellow elf player crossed the river I threw every measure of heal I had upon him to bring him back to full. We stood on the banks together, ballista close at hand, as the dwarves returned, followed by a handful more players of varying classes. On the far shore – out of ballista range – we could see the Destruction force.

And so, we charged.

~ by thade on August 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Adventure Log (Beta) – WAR is Action”

  1. Nice the ballista made me laugh! More of this please as it keeps me content till I get to play.

  2. There are sooooooo many chosen, because they used to be OP, and now they are balanced against all classes, but still are the best pvp “tank”. I’m sad their are so many because I have wanted to be one since the game was announced and now they are like the hunters of wow!


  3. My one fear is that this particular event will be re-occuring for those of us on the Order side. I have yet to be involved in a PvP battle in which the forces of Order and Chaos were close to even. In general, Chaos outnumbered Order 2:1.

    That isn’t to say we didn’t win some confrontations, but still, if balance isn’t maintained, this game could very quickly become an uphill fight for 33% of its player base.

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