Say it isn’t so.

I hear this rumor that after Preview Weekend officially ends tomorrow that we will be WAR-free until Open Beta begins (Sept 7th). I say rumor because, while I’ve seen it a lot, I have yet to see it confirmed by any official source (i.e. a Dev post on a forum or the Herald). I’m not saying I don’t believe it, though part of me doesn’t. “Why would they take the testing phase down for a full two weeks?” Maybe it’s time to move it to its real servers or something (feasible), or they want a break (highly unlikely). Well, it’s likely they want to take a break, but unlikely we will.

Frankly, while I’m a bit disappointed (I do enjoy my little WAR excursions, even though I’ve done Tier 1 for the Elves a few times now), I’m kind of glad. Frankly, I’m not sure (at least now) how much of Open Beta I want to play. Don’t get me wrong: I certainly will play, but not with the vigor or devotion I will bring to release. The reason is that I really want my efforts to be persistent. That’s really the whole idea behind an MMO, other than the social experience. Advancement. Progress. If I want a game that sets me back to square one every time, I’ll get myself into an FPS or an old-style platformer (without a save).

Still, trying classes out now that I have no intention (or desire) to play after launch is a learning experience, and not a complete waste of time. Don’t worry, there will be archmage stories. I’ll compile one from this weekend’s events tomorrow, after I’ve slept. This is way past my bedtime for a Sunday eve.


~ by thade on August 25, 2008.

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