I was thinking about writing an article to talk about this, but Keen – the genius that he is – hit it on the head. From the article:

“WAR is not balanced for the individual. That’s a big hurdle for some people to climb over. Every class is not balanced for 1v1. Every class is not balanced in every situation. Warrior Priests are going to beat the snot out of almost anyone 1v1. Witch Elves won’t feel as powerful in big keep standoffs. (Examples, not facts) Classes are meant to work together like a well oiled machine. No matter how many times people reiterate this fact I guarantee you there will still be complaints.”

For one thing, it’s totally true: the WP is pretty mean 1v1. For another, the teamwork potential in this game is wonderful. Read the article.

I saw a lot of complaining both on the boards and in the game over preview weekend that people in Renown Rank 6 gear were “twinking” and “completely OP in RvR”. I initially had a response to this – which was that getting this gear was so easy that it didn’t really matter – but as I previously linked, MBJ disagrees with me, and they’re looking into solutions to prevent this (i.e. Renown Rank 6 gear shouldn’t be allowed in Tier 1 scenarios…you get it in Tier 2, it’s Tier 2 gear. Personally, I think raising the level requirements on it to 12 (Tier 2) would be more than sufficient.

One thing that troubles me is the sheer awesome power of that set, because that begets a need to wear it, homogenizing the way we all look. Hopefully different looking gear is on the horizon that is both equivalent in level and power. Or maybe they exist and I haven’t found them…but Renown gear really seems vastly superior to drops and Influence rewards (at least from what bit I saw). Hopefully it balances out better later on…as in, different looks for similar power levels. One saving grace are, of course, dyes. They are more affordable than they seem, there are many, and apparently there are more than meets the eye – unlockable via Influence and Renown. Good news for me. I LOVE ME SOME DYES.

~ by thade on August 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Balance.”

  1. MBJ specifically called acquisition and use of the 10/6 gear a bug. So whatever the case, Mythic is operating under the assumption that you CAN’T have that gear and be in the T1 scenario.

  2. I suppose the level requirement for it being to low could be considered a bug. If it were lv12, you couldn’t take it into Tier 1 scenarios anyway (you’d have out-leveled them) which is what they want. Again, seems like an easy fix to me. I’m more concerned with the stability stuff, the timing issues, and the tearing artifacts you see in the sky sometimes.

  3. One thing we have to remember with all the bug fixes is that this is the release version. It will be polished but in no way perfect. That other MMO had ridiculous amounts of bugs when it was first released and only after a couple months and several patches could you, for example, safely ride the boats.

    The bugs and problems that are made evident through the open beta and the first few weeks/months of WAR will get fixed. In all honesty, expecting not to see breaks in the sky every now and then or pathing problems right off the bat is understandable, but naive with a game this size.

    Basically, be patient. The WAR team has been really good about addressing concerns and if that trend continues through the release, all the little problems will get ironed out. I have faith, y’all should too.

  4. I imagine they’ll just bump it to 12/6 and that fixes that.

    I did like the RvR aspect of the Renown armor. I was with a friend in the port of Barak Varr. Over here, I had 1360 hp, over there in the RvR bit I had 2040 hp.

    That said when I was in a scenario, I remember my HP being at the PvE level rather than the immense RvR one.

  5. Twinking is a good way to put it. The friday just before the preview, I grinding an Archmage to 10, got all the money together for training and gear, and went out and bought the RR6 gear. And with that one act, my Archmage transformed from pretty squishy to almost tanklike against anyone wearing less than full RR6.

    I can only imagine the carnage if I had rolled a Bright Wizard instead.

    So bumping up the reqs on that gear and any gear similar to it (Basically, anything that is really for the next tier but you can wear in your current) would be A Good Idea.

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