Required Reading

First, a long grocery list from MJB regarding the specifics of what’s wrong with WAR and, in many cases, their intended fixes (which are in progress).

Second, a Q&A session with Josh Drescher; more general info, but some stuff that hasn’t yet been covered (like the auction house).

They say they’re working on it and they mean it; they are busting their butts, round the freakin clock, some of them sleeping under their desks (if they sleep at all during a 24 hour period).

“How do you know this, Thade?” you might ask.

And I would reply thus: I am a developer. My project is my baby. If your baby is sick, don’t you stay up all night checking on it, tending to it, and freakin out about it? Well, I do too. Any developer that really cares about their project would. And if you don’t think those guys at Mythic love their game, you haven’t been doing much reading these past few months. ;)

Here’s something else on my mind: on Sunday I was in a scenario, and some guy (that should’ve been fighting) was complaining about how “unrealistic it was for dwarves and elves to be allied at all” (given the I.P.). My response?

“You ever play MarioKart? Bowser has kidnapped both Mario and Luigi’s girlfriends like in a dozen different games over twenty years. Yet they can set aside their differences and race go-carts, play tennis, or a series of ridiculously cute mini-games. Does that seem realistic to you? Well, no, not me either. Know why? It’s a video game. @_@ It’s *pretend*. Oh, and, despite how we kicked England in the nuts back in the 1700s to declare our independence, we still managed to band with them when the shit went down in the early 1900s. Think about it.”

Srsly. Think about it. Dwarves and Elves are bros. And you have to get down with that. Oh, by the way, I unlocked the last racer. Now I only have to unlock three more carts. Wee!

~ by thade on August 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Required Reading”

  1. If they thought it was unrealistic considering the IP they dont know much about the IP.

    Sure Dwarves and Elves war upon one another every so often. Faced with the forces of chaos and destruction and the end of the world? They can see their way clear to helping the daft manlings and sissy elflings win the war.

  2. People who think that the Dwarfs and High Elves shouldn’t be allies don’t quite understand: they’re not so much allied with each other, as they are allied with the Empire. The Empire is the keystone of the alliance. The Dwarfs had a long-standing alliance with them, and dwarfs ALWAYS honor their oaths. The High Elves realize that if they don’t assist the Empire, then Chaos may conquer the mainland. That’s not an acceptable outcome to the High Elves, so they offered their assistance to the Empire. The Dwarfs and the High Elves are not offering direct aid to each other.

    There, my lore-geek moment is over.

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