WAR > WoW (There, I said it.)

Some of my friends, who are really into WoW, asked me to convince them to convert to WAR; reason being that they wanted to continue playing with me and the friends who have already converted, but the price tag of buying a new game and possibly having to upgrade their machines would require some convincing. So, here I go.

– WoW expansion has one new class, the Death Knight. It’s a PvE tank, and there will be MILLIONS (that is not an exaggeration) of them as soon as the xpac launches. By the way, did you enjoy being a PvE tank before now?
– WAR has twenty new classes. All of them can “DPS”, even the tanks…in fact, especially the tanks. At full grudge, an Ironbreaker is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, it does such vicious damage at full grudge that you’ll want to focus-fire him to kill him. Hence, he’s a PvP *tank*, not because he has to be a master of threat building, but because he’s a huge pain in the butt if you disregard him.

– WoW has more 10-man and 25-man instanced dungeons for you to farm for loot. Very fun your first few times completely through; not so fun your eightieth time as you’re farming it to gear up your new priest that you got to replace the old one that drama-exploded him/herself out of your guild and into a “hardcore” one. Let’s not forget hanging around for 1-2 hours waiting for the warlock you need for this run to log in and tell you he has to mow the lawn (at 8pm at night).
– WAR has Public Quests, which are basically outdoor raid encounters that you needn’t really wait long for or form a party for. To find one you can often hit a zone, pop open the Open Party finder, and join up…or just wander in a constant direction for a few minutes. Also, there are Keeps. And Siege Weapons. Oh, and WAR does have instances, but the vast majority of them can be done with six players. That’s right. SIX. So you and just your friends can really go on an adventure. I should note that instances are not the point of the game (PvP is), and as such they don’t sound like they’re as polished and chess-like as WoW. But whatever…you can always make an instance more exciting by pulling more at once =) and that is precisely what my team and I will often do, I’m sure.

– At every patch for WoW you will still have to update all of your UI mods.
– WAR has a built in UI-manipulator.

– WoW requires DKP tracking, which requires a mod or at least someone you “trust” with a spreadsheet. If the boss you killed (finally) didn’t drop what you wanted for your character, or if it did drop and someone else outbid you, you have to wait for next week…when you *might* kill them again.
– WAR has the Vegas loot system, and even if you bust your butt and get nothing, you can just run the PQ a second time when it restarts…in two minutes.

– In WoW you can just skip all the silly raiding for gear and just farm Arena points, fighting in one of the four or six exact same little areas, hoping against hope that the team you’re paired against will not completely out-gear you, or be an unbeatable combo (like a Shadow Priest/Warlock or five Shamans). Points come in at a steady rate; you might get the gear you want in, oh, a month to two months. You can do the same in BGs…where you could just AFK or have a bot or your little brother run your toon in circles.
– WAR has no arenas. WAR has scenarios, which are essentially battlegrounds. You earn XP and Renown in scenarios, the latter of which makes you eligible for gear (which is quite good). You can also fight in Open Field (large scale PvP) battles, like the way things used to be in WoW way back in the day on PvP servers. (Often referred to as “The Good Old Days”.) Oh, when other players die, they sometimes drop random gear for you too. And in all of this, the game measures your contribution as a function of how much damage you do and how much healing you do.

– In WoW you will still have to repair your gear, which looks like everybody else’s. At least if you have the best of the best gear it does, which you will need, or that HC guild won’t let you raid, but will yell at you…I guess they’ll yell at you either way, right? Are there guilds in WoW that don’t yell at each other anymore?
– In WAR, gear can make a difference, but even if we all have the same uber gear, we can DYE it (c’mon WoW, why did you not steal this idea?), and trick it out with Trophies (which so far have been pretty neat, as I’ve seen). Oh, and what is this repair thing you speak of?

– WoW is very polished, finely tuned, and has few bugs.
– This is a silly comparison, because – when WoW came out – it was riddled with bugs. Anybody else remember how unsafe the boats were for transit? Falling through the world? The Loot Bug? Those last two things still happen, several years later.

– WoW has guilds.
– WAR also has guilds. And alliances. And in-game guild tools that go well beyond the roster. And battle standards. That’s right: a flag that you carry into battle and it buffs your group, boosts morale, gives the bearer special powers…and can be wielded as a large 2H weapon.

– WoW has Dranaei.
– Shaman from Space? Well, we deploy our Orcs into combat using catapults.

I don’t believe I’ll really convert any WoW fanbois (though I did convert my friends), and since my blog is a pretty tight niche blog, I suspect WoW fanbois don’t troll my pages waiting for the moment to strike with their flamez. But I like comparing WAR to WoW in my own time, and while it’s sort of hush-hush-taboo here in the blogosphere, each of us has taken a turn at it, so this is mine. Do I believe WAR is superior to WoW? Yes, I do, in just about every way.


~ by thade on August 27, 2008.

17 Responses to “WAR > WoW (There, I said it.)”

  1. – Shaman from Space? Well, we deploy our Orcs into combat using catapults.

    Made me smile thanks

  2. This is just brilliant, couldn’t agree more. Just one question since I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of war. You said that the more damage and healing you do, the more contribution to renown you get. What about the tanks then? The dps classes must be able to do more damage than tanks dont they? :S Wouldn’t that make tanks the most difficult class to get alot of renown?

  3. I’m switching, for sure. Canceled my WoW account last night.

    But I will say the WAR UI needs some work. It was pretty buggy for me over the PW (I’m sure that will be fixed).

  4. Thanks guys =) Glad you liked it.

    @Asker: Officially I’m not sure, but I suspect that threat generation/control and/or damage taken is also factored in; I could only guess at the formulas. But, to be fair, the Ironbreaker – at full Grudge – puts out a TON of damage…and like any warrior in WoW, your bar is full the entire time if you are the target of anything big. Tanks don’t seem to be hurting in this regard, in any case: my buddy has managed to get top contributor on PQs by tanking on his Ironbreaker.

  5. fun read :- )

  6. never ready your blog before spotted this article. Good show, I was already set on leaving wow for war, this just gave me even more reason why its a good idea.

  7. I converted a WoW friend with one word and one link to the image.


  8. Oh no you didn’t just go there! Oh yes you did. Well, I did too, in a different way.

    Hubby’s family was here visiting over Preview Weekend. We made his little sister, a diehard WoW Huntard keyboard-turner (don’t worry, I’ve said this to her face already) roll up a Bright Wizard and led her to the Empire RvR zone at level 2. Let’s just say that she didn’t come out for about… oh, four hours and we had to drag her away from the computer. She’s still not switching, though, since on her college-student funds she can only afford one game, and all her friends are still in WoW. However… the seed has been planted. Oh yes, it certainly has.

  9. Considering how cathartic this write up was and the response it’s gotten me today, I’m going to follow my gut and write another article or two in this vein. Quite frankly, I’ve wanted to say a lot of this for a long while. @_@ It can be my crusade.

    “Beercopter, LOL.” ~ makes me happy =)

  10. To Asker : As an ironbreaker through the closed beta, I can say that I won 60% of all the scenarios i was in. And I don’t mean that I got loot, I mean that I flat out WON first place in contribution.

    When an ironbreaker has full grudge and maintains full grudge, they are pain factories. The process is simple. Tap two low level mobs, doesn’t matter what they are, and then go after your primary target. The three mobs will hurt you, but they will also shoot your grudge to full. Once you have full grudge, kill the low level mobs and start to unleash the pain on everything you see.

    For those of you that have not played an ironbreaker, grudge will only fade if you use abilities that use grudge or you are out of combat for 10 seconds or so. At level 10, I was two shotting mobs my level and could carve a path through any Herders that decided to pick a fight.

    Needless to say, I’m an ironbreaker 4 life…. yo

  11. To illustrate the points of Ironbreakers being animals, and that you can get loot from killing players:


  12. The dark side of Ironbreakers.
    My friend is one. I’m his Rune Priest buddy.

    Ironbreaker just wont die… I know, lets gank the stick waving dress wearer.

  13. The biggest thing is the difference of time needed to start to have the fun the game wants you to have.

    In WoW its 100 hours to reach the level cap and 100 hours before getting enough resilience to enjoy pvp.

    In WAR you’ll be doing the thing the game is about right out the gate.

  14. I’m a WAR man myself, but I will give WoW 2 points which it rightfully deserves:

    1) WoW has more fluid combat / character control.
    2) Their mobs are more challenging, and WoW instances are pretty awesome (haven’t been in a WAR dungeon though).

    I like WAR better, and I’m dying for the Beta to come back, but seriously I hope that WAR gets combat (animations, casting bars, etc) down as well as WoW did. I have faith in Mythic, but I think WoW set the standard pretty damn high in these two areas.

  15. @Szadee: in response.

    1. I disagree. WoW’s PvP combat was more jerky and twitchy; and while I enjoyed such play back in my Unreal Tournie days (I was unstoppable; a tournament winner and I often only used to Transponder as my weapon of choice *brushes of shoulder*), when I have a host of powers instead of a point and shoot weapon, I enjoy combat to flow instead of fly. I would assert that WoW’s combat “flies”, and WAR’s “flows”. Jumping quickly and getting proficient at running though characters to line of sight them at break-neck speeds…really not as smooth as slightly slowed combat with collision detection. WAR’s combat is still fast and exciting, but no longer twitchy. I think it’s about to take the torch.

    2. As I remember, there were a lot of mobs in WoW just after release that were as dumb or dumber than the mobs I ran into in WAR during beta. As I said, I caution you (and everyone) about comparing functionality and quality of code between these two games, as WoW has had four years of development (over which they still haven’t completely fixed the loot bug, I might add) and WAR is just coming out.

    Think about it. There are still some copper nodes outside of Ironforge that, if you mine them, you get loot bugged. At this point, four years later, why would they not have simply removed the offending nodes if they couldn’t fix them?

    Blizz won’t say, but I bet Mythic would. I’m a firm Mythic supporter now.

  16. Nice one mate! It would have converted me, you know, if I wasn’t already converted! :P

  17. Found your blog from The Greenskin chaoscast, and very interesting too.

    I have to say these points are exactly what I’ve been trying to iterate to a few of my WoW friends the past two weeks when I told them I was moving on to bigger and better things. I’m glad to have discovered a new game to invest my time in before i spend years of grinding/farming forever-ness.

    “WoW has more 10-man and 25-man instanced dungeons for you to farm for loot. Very fun your first few times completely through; not so fun your eightieth time as you’re farming it to gear up your new priest that you got to replace the old one that drama-exploded him/herself out of your guild and into a “hardcore” one. Let’s not forget hanging around for 1-2 hours waiting for the warlock you need for this run to log in and tell you he has to mow the lawn (at 8pm at night).”

    this made me laugh out loud… really hard.

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