Archmage in Throw-down Mode.

Not sure what upset him, but he’s certainly acting on his feelings. Speaking of which, I will now act on my feelings: I’m hungry. @_@ (Click on the elf’s face. Do eeeeeeet.)

Oh, this came from today’s herald post, which had sort of a final sound to it; not sure if it’s just the end of summer, or if Missy is moving to some other job, or if we’re about to endure a week of radio silence. I’m paranoid. It’s because I’m hungry. Very hungry.

~ by thade on August 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Archmage in Throw-down Mode.”

  1. Wotcha everyone,

    Is that Archmage about to release his legion of flying monkeys as the first step towards the destruction of all non-slipper wearers, and total domination of the Old World?

    I think he is…

    Great shot, though. And now you’ve brought it up, that Herald post was quite large. Hmm.


  2. Hehe, that’s my screen shot :) Supposedly I won something, usually if your screenshot gets accepted you win a pass for a buddy into beta…but that’s sorta moot point right now.

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