Weekend Update @_@

This is a bit of a misnomer, but the impetus for this post was itself posted when I was on the road for a magic place that involves woods, a cabin, and a complete lack of internet. (It was awesome. I’m back now.) Anyway, MBJ posted fix-notes on WHA which all look promising to me. Basically the pathing was the only thing that had me concerned at all, and that seems to be vastly improved. I can’t wait to see it for myself. Only seven days!

Well, seven days = open beta and while it’s still not for real, it’ll give my friends and I an opportunity to try the bad guys on for size…role Destruction and take some toons for a joy ride. I’ve been receiving guild invite solicitations on WHA, both for my apparently charming demeanor on the site and my blog here. I’m flattered <3 but I’m taken. Yes, it’s true: Thade is in a guild. Spoken for. Betrothed. It’s almost entirely comprised of RL friends and thus will by necessity be drama-free. We are all nearly 30 years of age, after all. And we all either have girlfriends or are married. And we have hobbies outside of the game, keep active, and shun internet dating. And we drink responsibly. I don’t assert that these factors have anything to do with guild stability, but…well, you might.

This week is a heavy one for me: today my third flat-mate moves in and well, I get to move tons of furniture around for the rest of my day today. Tomorrow I go to grad school to be oriented into a proper grad student, and from there…it’s anybody’s guess how my schedule will pan out. This week will be an odd-one, update-wise. If I seem to vanish, don’t panic. I’m either over-worked, or Syp found out where I lived and sent Squig-robots to kill me. Honestly I’m not sure which one is more likely.


~ by thade on September 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Weekend Update @_@”

  1. Very interesting.

    I think I’ve decided on it. Gonna roll and Archmage. The past few days I have been looking at forums and trying to figure anything out about this class and its been a teetering balance towards UP of this class.

    But the way I look at it, seems like more mature players will roll Order and Archmage looks to be one of the most interesting classes on this side of the valley.

    I just hope my enjoyment of it isnt lessened by the fact that I have been playing a shadowpriest in WoW (it being a close match to the type of class Archmage is).

  2. Eric my friend, know that if you are on Thade and my server and I see you getting attacked, this little Ironbreaker will charge to your aid without a second thought.

    Ironbreakers 4 life yo.

  3. Thanks for the future defense, Snaggle. I know that a lot of tanks on PW thought they were super defended dps monsters that charged into battle rather than guarding their teammates, so you protecting a healer is a nice reassurance :).

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