Felicia Day Day

If you aren’t familiar with Felicia Day, you should be. On the right, below the Blog Roll, there is a link to The Guild. It’s a web tv show (the episodes are less than 5 minutes long a piece) and it is endearingly funny. WATCH IT. She’s the cute girl from that Cheetos commercial…she dumps orangey orange Cheetos in with a mean girl’s laundry. You know? That one.

Anyway, she read a Penny Arcade comic where Tycho said he wanted to “groom her“…so she gave him a brush at Pax and commanded him to do so; he wisely complied. Read the story.

She’s one of my favorite comedians (next to Kim Evey). I used to be a comedian, so watch The Guild for me. <3 And also, for Lick Poop. (Not a typo.)

~ by thade on September 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “Felicia Day Day”

  1. She also plays the female lead in the awesome, awesome Joss Whedon webmusical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog:


  2. Oh, and posted by Felicia herself on Twitter:

    Felicia getting her hair brushed by Tycho of Penny Arcade

  3. Thank you so much for linking my show, I really appreciate it!!! I thought it was so funny how he brushed my hair, I love that guy :D


  4. Felicia Day touched my blog. I have ascended.


    For real though, I plug your work to everyone I can (esp. when World of Warcrizzle comes up in conversation); there’s a special place in my heart for comedians who are original and classy. You fit that bill, big time. Cheers to you. =)

    I have a dozen old improv buddies who still perform out in Boston MA (Improv Boston, Improv Asylum, Three Hole Punch)…anyway, I let grad school eat me (and with me my old comedy digs), but watching you guys makes me want to get back into it. Anyway, if you’re out this way in hickville MA, I’ll buy you a latte and sing you a song. That’s what we do here.

    Ok, I’m done being a fanboy. <3

  5. @Winged Nazgul: That picture made me lol.

  6. I missed Felicia posting that image on Twitter… now I know how I got so many hits on it… That photo was actually taken by Greg Benson of Mediocre Films on my camera while I filmed it… Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnPWVJJiiIg

  7. That’s awesome! TY so much @_@

    Oh man. Remember that time Felica Day noticed my blog? That was awesome. …crap, have I jumped the shark? damn.

    ./takes off water skis.

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