“I know things about pigeons, Lilly.”

Here is a news flash for you all. Ready? The archmage is a support class.

I can sense the shock in you.

No, seriously. We are healers. We have damage spells, and it is a nerf to our healing to not use our damage spells, but we are healers. Healing on a character is much like bending notes on a guitar. Because you can bend notes on a guitar, you must bend notes on a guitar: explore its full potential, its full range of sound and power.

We don’t do a lot of damage; this is not an accident. We do heal, and thus we can heal other classes who can do a lot more damage than we can. We can actually heal many of them at once…and – as we heal them – they become an extension of us…their damage is our damage. They continue to do damage as we keep them breathing, much more damage than they would do if we weren’t healing them. All of that additional damage counts as ours. <3 Think about it.

I’ve seen a lot of chatter forums speaking about how the Archmage has already been pigeon-holed into the healer role. I mean, yes…we have. Because that’s what we are. However, we needn’t put up with anybody yelling at us for “DPSing when we should be healing” because – frankly – we have to dps in order to heal as effectively as possible. Sure, in the heat of combat, I have waited the full three seconds for my big heal to go off…but I much prefer throwing out DoTs and dropping Boon of Hysh as an instant. Our DPS could stand to be bolstered (as Dastion reports, our DPS is severely lacking end-game)…but if you – like me – count all the additional damage my heal targets get to do as my damage, then I can see why it’s so small. I’m ok with it, for now.

Meanwhile, my official recommendation is not to marry yourself to any point-by-point mastery spec…because that stuff is *always* changed and tweaked after launch. Go play with the Mastery calculator =) but don’t wed yourself to it just yet. I can’t back it up, but I do have a feeling it’s going to see substantial changes.

Also, incase you missed it, Felicia Day touched my blog. I’m like…a super blog now or something. I don’t even know. Maybe she’ll forsake WoW, join WAR, and join my guild. Hell, maybe I’ll finish my masters program in my first semester and learn tai chi and braille. Forget this. Four days until OB…what are you going to roll? =)

*NOTE: The biggest search term to find me is “archmagery wordpress”. The second biggest search term is “Rydia”. Well, now both parties get to find something here!


~ by thade on September 3, 2008.

12 Responses to ““I know things about pigeons, Lilly.””

  1. I’m mostly thinking about all the heals I didn’t get since you were blogging instead of healing me.

  2. Crap. I just got totally pwned by a canoe.

  3. I agree. I, for one, am definitely looking forward to trying out the Archmage for the first time on OB. There’s nothing better than feeling good when you just saved your teammate’s but and they just owned their enemy. Personally, that makes me feel really good inside.

    I see your Dps as a small way for the other team’s healer to have to use some healing on that target instead of using on the target your friend is damaging. Much more survivability overall for your teammates being healed by you.

  4. You are a super blog, dummy!

  5. We shall have a heal off.
    Archmage vs Rune Priest.

    Just remember two factors. Rune Priest is shorter and gets a hammer on the end of his stick.

  6. I guess there’s kind of three sets of priorities for hybrid healers, depending on whose perspective you’re looking at.
    Random DPS: Don’t let me (personally) die -> help us win -> ???
    Ideal: Heal essential people (e.g. the tank in a PQ) -> heal/res everyone else -> DPS to improve healing efficiency
    Desired by some Archmages: Whatever the heck the Archmage feels like

    So, it’s a running goal to convince the top and bottom categories to move into the middle one, while convincing Mythic to make sure that one is also the most fun. It’s just unfortunate that learning to be a healer includes taking a minor in putting up with crap from other players.

  7. I think the pigeonholing problem is rearing its ugly head by people insisting that we spec Isha or we are useless.

    Personally, I am playing the Archmage over the Runepriest becaues I want to pewpew primarily and heal secondarily. (And I’m sure someone out there will mistranslate this to me not wanting to heal at all. *sigh*) So yes, Asuryan is my tree of choice, and anyone who tries to pigeonhole me will get a daintily slippered foot up the arse.

  8. I feel like an archmage is a lot like a teeter-totter. A teeter-totter isn’t fun when you stay close to the balance point in the middle. A T-T is only fun because when you go up, you can go flying off your seat and when you go down, you slam into the ground so hard it hurts your tailbone.

    Staying in the air isn’t all that fun, because then you’re only sitting on an uncomfortable chair a few feet off the ground. Staying on the ground isn’t that fun, because you have to wait to go flying off your seat. But when you get that aparatus swinging properly, it is pure joy.

    To bring this back on topic, consider going up on the T-T as healing and going down on the T-T as doing damage. The higher you go on the T-T, the more its going to hurt your tailbone to slam into the ground. However, once you’re on the ground, the springs will be ready to launch you back into the sky.

    So you start the fight with some damage and stay on the ground. Well pretty soon the springs are ready for launch and you 3 sec heal the MT and Hot the crap out of your teammates. Guess what, you just saved a wipe, and you’re ready for the fall back down again. You throw some dps around and in doing so damage the tailbones of your enemies. This reloads the springs for your shot back into the sky.

    The problem with this is as always, balance. If healing is more powerful then your damage, then healing is the fat kid on the other side of the teeter-totter keeping you in the air. What Mythic needs to ensure is that potential damage and potential healing are as close to even as possible, because that’s how a teeter-totter works. The two sides need to be balanced. If they aren’t, then you’ve got a broken piece of playground equipment.

    Ironbreaker 4 life.

  9. Very well said, Mr. Ironbreaker, and you’ve just used the most complete metaphor imaginable for expressing my joy with this class. :)

  10. Thanks Cedia, that was actually draft 2 of that particular post as I lost the first when I hit submit without an email in the *mail slot.

    So let that be a lesson! Hit submit without the name and mail filled in and you lose your post. :(

    Ironbreaker 4 life.

  11. @Snaggle: that was such a good metaphor for this class :P. I’m still not sure what spec to do for it because I was thinking about going half way into Vaul and going going high enough in Isha to get Wild Healing.

    Any suggestions on specs?

  12. Honestly that would be a question better posed to our host. He has the experience as an Archmage and would be able to give better feedback on specs then I could. My metaphor comes entirely from what I’ve read and what I’ve talked to Thade about when we’re hanging out.

    Sorry I can’t give ya more to work with Eric.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

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