Wilbur? Get that carrot outta my

Straight from the horse’s mouth, anybody who got to play for Preview Weekend that’s eligible for OB gets to start playing tomorrow (9/5): two days earlier than anticipated. Good thing I booked myself pretty much solid for the next 48 hours so I could be (relatively) free on Sunday. Or rather to keep myself busy until Sunday. Anyway, this is fun news…two extra days to roll a toon or two that won’t survive into Headstart. (Hence, the reason I’m rolling Destruction for the week.)

Regular readers will be pleased to know that Snaggle (our resident lurking Ironbreaker) will still be an Ironbreaker for the week to hone his lowbie skillzorz. Ok, so I’m not gonna lie: I’ll prob roll my namesake…because love is thicker than character wipes. (Does that work? Ok, good.)

~ by thade on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Wilbur? Get that carrot outta my”

  1. Yarp Ironbreaker I shall be, though I may tread lightly through the Chaos realms to see what they look like.

    Also, just remember, Orcs are larger then Dwarves so they use thicker wipes…

    Ironbreaker 4 life.

  2. “…because love is thicker than character wipes.”

    Definitely works. :).

    Personally, I plan to have a mix of both Order and Destruction. First, to get Destruction out of my system so I can experience their classes (maybe so I’ll know if I want to play any of them if I happen to switch, though probably won’t happen) and just to see their zones through the Destruction side.

    Second one is to get a feeling and try out the classes I plan on rolling:
    Archmage, Ironbreaker and maybe Runepriest. Man I can’t wait to be an Archmage. <3

  3. Enjoy your extra time. I’ll be watching Matrix or planning my next holiday.

  4. Two days earlier? OMG. I still gotta upgrade my PC for WAR.

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